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ANVIL: journal of theology and mission

Welcome to ANVIL: a journal of theology and mission.


Debbie James reflects on participation and presence, drawing on the resources of Anglican social tradition and the concept of ‘prophetic dialogue’.

Sue Butler reflects on her experience at Thirst, her missional community. Themes of prayer, hospitality, and threshold are explored as ways of encouraging people into a relationship with Jesus.

Luke Larner reflects on the impact of missio Dei as part of his learning on the Pioneer Leadership course at CMS and how this has transformed his understanding of mission in his context in Luton.

Jon Soper tells Nigel’s story to illustrate what they have been learning about missional participation in their context in Exeter.

Reviewed this issue are books by Geza Vermes, NT Wright, Kenneth Bailey, Grace Davie, Don Carson and Emma Percy.

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