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FREE.IN.DEED for churches

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What does it mean for your church to be FREE.IN.DEED?

We believe all of God’s people are called to play a part in God’s mission. To bring challenge, change, hope and freedom to our world. 

But so many things can “lock us up” and keep us from this call. Like fear, lack of resources or busyness...the list goes on.

We want to help you and your church break free from whatever may be holding you back from discovering your call and putting it into action.

We hope these resources will help you take the next step in putting that call into action.


What's your call?


My call is...

Click through to Vimeo if you wish to download this video: My call is... by Ian Adams

Click through to Vimeo if you wish to download this video: My call is... by Sue Steer


FREE.IN.DEED liturgy

This brief liturgy is designed for use in a communal setting, perhaps in the context of a church, group or community gathering, in which the idea of God calling us is explored.

Download FREE.IN.DEED liturgy

FREE.IN.DEED message

We are the ones whom Jesus has set free. But what are we set free for? When we explore the themes of freedom and liberation in the Bible, we discover we are set free to love and to serve. This message invites us to celebrate our freedom in Christ and to reflect on how we put our call to love and to serve into action.

Download FREE.IN.DEED sermon notes

FREE.IN.DEED reflection

A pivotal moment in the life and work of Jesus came at the beginning of his public ministry. In his local synagogue Jesus stood to read from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah. And as he read something powerful seems to have happened, a revelation to all that heard him speak.

Download FREE.IN.DEED reflection