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Helen Burningham - Uganda

Children in Uganda face many challenges which affect their potential and many of their basic needs are not being met – including medical care, education and shelter. However, through being involved in a network where different gifts are brought together, positive lasting change can be secured for children at risk. This is why I’m glad to work with CRANE-Children at Risk Action Network in Kampala.

I am currently teaching creative workshops to girls in our education programme. I also support staff members working on child protection cases by alerting them to possible signs of mistreatment.


To bring lasting change through the power of dance


To contribute my time, skills and effort to programmes that are supporting children at risk

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I was born in Uganda to missionary parents and lived there for the first six years of my life. This made a lasting impression on me and a gap year in Uganda after college confirmed my calling. At university I studied dance and theology and then did an MA in choreography. I studied dance because personally it has been a place for me to release my emotions and express myself more fully. I wanted to use dance to bless others as well.

I have been living overseas for a few years now and the opportunities to use dance in different situations have been so special. I have also been involved in things I never thought I would do such as filming and editing. It is always an adventure and I want to be open, flexible and always relevant.

Being with Church Mission Society has helped me to feel part of a bigger family where I am appreciated for being me. I am supported practically and emotionally to be better equipped to serve throughout my time overseas.

Upcoming speaking dates in 2017 in the UK:
19 November - St Mary, Reigate 4th March 2018
9-11 February - Sherborne Parish, Sherborne
18 February - St Cuthburt, Doveridge
2-6 December - Christchurch, New Malden

Upcoming speaking dates in 2018 in the UK:
4 March - St Mary, Reigate

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