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Kate Quarrell - Uganda

Uganda has a high rate of maternal mortality during childbirth; in 2013, 5,900 deaths were recorded. Many of these deaths were avoidable. Only 58 per cent of women give birth with the assistance of a skilled attendant. My role is to teach midwifery to students and nurses at the Church of Uganda school of nursing and midwifery in Kuluva. I’ll also be working with the diocese to provide neonatal resuscitation training for staff working in their health facilities, as hypoxia at birth is the seventh leading cause of death in Uganda.

I believe avoidable deaths do not glorify God; the lives of women and babies are precious to him. I want to see God glorified through high standards of care.


To serve God through teaching midwifery


Midwifery tutor

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I was brought up believing in God, knowing he existed and that salvation came through Jesus. However, I did not have a personal experience of Jesus until I was 30. It was a life-changing event and I became more active in my local church.

I worked as a nurse, then as a midwife and have been qualified as such for over 30 years, with the last 11 years of my career being in midwifery education.

My interest in global mission was sparked following short-term trips to China, Uganda and Kenya. I maintained my interest in Uganda through supporting health projects and sponsoring children. My love for Uganda has also grown through several visits; I have taken UK midwifery students to Uganda to broaden their learning as well as encourage the local maternity staff.

It was a surprise to me when I felt God say I was in the wrong place. This led to me working with Church Mission Society. As I reflect on my journey I can see God uses all our experiences and interests for his purposes.

I first became involved in Uganda through friends who had served with CMS as midwives. My friends’ love for the people of Uganda continues to this day, long after leaving. Their continued relationship with those they served illustrates one of CMS’s core values — faithfulness. So when God called me to step out in faith, I naturally explored CMS. Also, CMS itself has a long history in Uganda, since the 1800s, and is known for being faithful.

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