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Michael Green - Britain

Provincial towns in the UK now have significant Muslim populations that need to be reached, but resources are scarce. I’m using the skills I have gained overseas, such as speaking Arabic and working with refugees, to reach out to Muslim people in the UK and to equip others to do the same.

I am working with local churches in the Westgate area of Ipswich to evangelise and disciple Kurdish, Persian and Arab people. I will also be caring for Syrian refugees and helping them to integrate.


Spreading and sustaining the kingdom of God, principally among Middle Eastern people


Evangelism, discipleship and care of Middle Easterners in the UK and training the Church in engagement with Muslims

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In 1986, at one of the churches I am now working with, I promised God that I would go anywhere he wanted. This journey led me to train as a nurse and a subsequent ministry with Arab people. From 2004-2015 I worked in Jordan, spreading God’s Kingdom while working as a nurse/evangelist with Church Mission Society. Living and working in rural areas, I learned about the culture, adapted to it and learned local Arabic. While there I started working with refugees and trafficked people from a multitude of nations. Most recently, I lived on the Jordanian border in a town of 90 per cent refugees and within earshot of the Syrian war. In 2015 I discovered that I would not be able to return but there was a great demand for my skills in the UK.

I am part of CMS because I believe in the Church engaging in mission as a body working together –the senders and the sent united, from everywhere to everywhere. I am God’s ambassador as well as your ambassador in Christ.

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