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Ruth Sayers - Britain

I seek to show Christ to those around me. I work with unemployed people through a work club and I represent the church at community events and meetings. I also work within the church, helping with Bible Studies and pastoral care.

I was brought up in a Christian family and attended a Baptist church in my teens that made mission a priority. This gave me opportunities to be involved in supporting missionaries. For much of that time I knew that God had a call on my life and that one day it would be me going out to serve. After dealing with a serious illness my hopes for this to happen were diminished but God had other ideas. We serve a God whose plan is far bigger than we can know or imagine.


A call to serve that has led me overseas and now in the UK


Church worker in the community

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For much of my working life I was a senior administrator at Surrey University. This was good preparation for the work I did in the Middle East. My first placement with Church Mission Society was in Egypt where I had the privilege to serve with the Diocese of Egypt and the Horn of Africa. This was followed by two years in Bethlehem and then Jordan, again working with the Diocese.

After nearly nine years in the Middle East I was offered the privilege of working in the UK. I am linked to a local church community to be a presence in an area of depravation and disadvantage. Knowing nothing about Plymouth and the issues here initially, I have been on a steep learning curve, seeing lives that are devastated by unemployment and a sense of feeling forgotten. What is the gospel for these people? The churches in the area are small, there’s a shortage of clergy and churches aren’t by and large seen as having a significant role in the community. It has to start with a presence. We need to walk alongside some of the most disadvantaged people.

Church Mission Society is part of my Christian family. They have supported and encouraged me through many difficult situations and because of them I have felt part of a large community that reaches far and wide.

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