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Prayer News 19 May 2017

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” Ephesians 6:18 (NIV)

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Lebanon: A Christian convert

Please pray for AT, a Christian convert from Islam in Lebanon who has been arrested and is threatened with deportation to Egypt. Although he carries an Egyptian passport, he has lived in Lebanon all his life and, as a convert to Christianity, risks coming to harm from family in Egypt. Pray too for the efforts of church members to help him and prevent the deportation.

Britain: Clean for Good

Clean for Good is a brand new business being started to provide high quality contract cleaning services for commercial premises in London. It’s a business with a social purpose – paying the Living Wage to all of its staff, providing good working conditions, investing in cleaners and promoting the value of cleaning and cleaners.

The business has been established by a group of churches and Christian charities, as a Christian initiative to promote positive change for some of London’s lowest paid workers. The founder investors are the Church Mission Society, the Parish of St Andrew by the Wardrobe (in the City of London) and the Centre for Theology & Community (CTC) and two private individuals. Grants have also been offered by St Sepulchres and the Pickwell Manor Foundation.

Please pray for Catherine, Clean for Good’s business manager, who is actively trying to secure new clients for the business. For more information, please see this page.

Britain: Pioneer course open day – Tuesday, 13 June

Please pray for the CMS Pioneer open day on Tuesday 13 June; this is our last open day of this academic year. Please pray that the day will be a success, that many will come and many will choose to study with us. Also pray for those attending as they think about their futures and perhaps begin to pray and discuss ideas about study. Finally, please also pray for those involved in running the day, for wisdom, discernment, energy and creativity.

If you are interested in attending or know someone who might be, then please visit this page  or email

Lebanon: Phil and Sylvie Good

As we mentioned last week, Phil and Sylvie Good are new mission partners in training who are preparing to go out to work in Beirut, Lebanon. They write asking for prayer for:

  • People to be drawn to our profile and for that to open up new support paths. 
  • Churches to be called into partnership. 
  • Our forthcoming visit to Lebanon. 
  • Sylvie’s work. 
  • A good outcome in selling the family home.



Please pray for Rev Emmanuel and his family, the village pastor that mission partner F spent Easter with recently. He lost his wife, Rani, very suddenly yesterday morning (Thursday 18 May) and is devastated. She had just made breakfast for the family and began to feel unwell. They took her to hospital in the nearby town but she died soon afterwards. She leaves a son and three daughters, as well as her own siblings and Emmanuel's siblings, with whom she was very close. Rani and Emmanuel were cousins. Please pray for the whole family in their grief, that God will comfort them and meet all their needs at this time.

Nepal: Cost of a visa

Please pray for NGO and mission agency workers who are having to go through a new requirement and cost for their visas. Pray that the process, including interviews, will go well and that the new cost of a visa (£780 per person) will be affordable at this time when budgets are very tight because of the reduced value of the pound.

Asia: Prayer for opportunities to remain and people to serve

Pray that the many opportunities in Asia will remain available as we wait and pray for people who will serve to go.

As we have mentioned before in Prayerspace, please pray that people will come forward for mission in Asia, particular those who are willing to work alongside local partners. For many months, the proportion of people enquiring for mission in Asia has been low compared to other regions, and 60 per cent of the world’s population live in this continent and the need is great.

 Asia CMS: Prayer for a new CEO

Please pray for a new CEO for Asia CMS, someone who is passionate about mission, energetic and who will bring an exciting, new vision. Pray also that they will be recruited before the end of the year.

Latin America

Argentina: Reynaldo

Mission associate Charles Barr-Johnston writes with a news update and some prayer requests:

“On Good Friday, the Brethren Church gave me the great privilege of preaching by the river at the baptism service of Reynaldo. His mother Maria had asked me to pray for her son while he was in prison (he was there from 18 until 26). While there, he completed his secondary school education and then did a year of university education, studying communications which included Journalism.

“After he was released 18 months ago, he came to my Bible studies and told me that he had committed such great sins that he did not think God could forgive him. But he did come to faith in Christ and then invited many of his friends to the church's evangelistic Sunday evening meetings where I also preach. He also invited his friends to his baptism service and many of them came. At this service he gave a very moving testimony. Please pray for Reynaldo as he continues studying communications in university and witnessing to his friends.”

Argentina: Trouble in Ingeniero Juárez

Catherine Le Tissier and Nick Drayson are mission partners serving in Argentina. Nick is the Diocesan Bishop of Northern Argentina, (an area roughly the size of France), and Catherine is an occupational therapist. They write with news and an update on the present troubles in Ingeniero Juárez, Northern Argentina.

“The police van doing surveillance opposite our street, and the large group of teenagers sharing a box of cheap wine (and who knows what other substances) across the road, are the only indications we are in a state of siege in Juarez. Otherwise all is normal.

“There has been much talk in recent weeks about the riots and others troubles in Juarez. An indigenous leader is in prison, and many local families have moved into safer areas. What is going on? There is a lot of history between the racial groups and the police, which means old grievances get aired. But the impression I get is that this conceals a criminal element, fuelled by the traffic of drugs, which uses the disaffected children and youth to sow fear and anger.

“The police are hampered by the fact that nearly all the burglaries are committed by under-age indigenous, and so arrests are virtually impossible. Add to this the ease with which the children can sell the goods, which probably means the buyers are non-indigenous, and possibly protected traffickers. It is a common tactic of the drug cartels to recruit young kids and both intimidate and groom them. This may be what is happening. The insecurity surrounding the robberies is largely linked to those with an interest in exploiting it.

“Please pray for this whole situation and for all those affected, and for peace to come.”


Ivory Coast: Anarchy

Please pray for the people of Ivory Coast whose nation is degenerating into anarchy following four days of mutiny in the two largest cities Abidjan and Bouake. Loyalist troops began advancing towards Bouake, the epicentre of the revolt, on Sunday and sporadic gunfire was heard overnight there as well as at military camps in Abidjan. Shooting in both cities is reported to have been intensifying day by day.

Ivory Coast has been in an indeterminate state since the ousting of President Gbagbo when Alassane Ouattara was announced winner in a contested presidential elections in 2010.

CMS Africa has work going on in this Western Africa state through its Samaritan Strategy Training.

Kenya: Tragic road accident

Please pray for the families of the bereaved who lost their loved ones in an horrific crash that left 20 dead at Soysambu along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on Saturday.

The family of one of the CMS Africa trainers, Meshack Oduke, is mourning the loss of their brother Alex Khalonyere who was travelling on the ill-fated bus. The bus heading to Busia from Nairobi collided with a trailer headed in the opposite direction.

Madagascar: Derek and Jane Waller

Mission partners Derek and Jane Waller, who were in South Sudan but sadly had to leave the country, write with an update on their latest situation:

“We are going to serve in Madagascar! A chance meeting in Northampton in January with Bishop Todd McGregor and his wife, Rev Patsy, American Anglican missionaries, eventually led to an invitation to the Diocese of Toliara.

“The first Anglicans began gathering for worship in Toliara in 1974. In 2006 Todd was consecrated as bishop to oversee the missionary area of Toliara. It became a full diocese in 2013. Bishop Todd is a passionate evangelist and the diocese has grown rapidly (11 churches in 2007, over 80 today with around 8-9,000 Anglicans). Derek will be diocesan coordinator of disciple making, encouraging the many young Christians to grow in Christ. Jane’s role is flexible – she will support Derek but develop her own role too. We plan to stay for three years and are very excited by this new challenge.

“The Diocese of Toliara is at the southern end of Madagascar. It is larger than England and Wales put together and has 1000 km of coastline. Journeys across the diocese can take up to six days! Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries and the south in particular is very poor, suffering from a chronic lack of rainfall. Alongside evangelism the diocese engages in vital work of education and economic development.

“We would greatly value your prayers for successful applications for our visas, for the arrangements involved in leaving family and home and for our relationships, accommodation and language learning once we arrive in Toliara. Our aim is to leave the UK around the end of June. With our gratitude for your love and prayers, Derek and Jane.”