Spring Appeal

Will you help raise up more local mission leaders?

People at the edges are at the centre of God’s story. Join our global movement as we follow Jesus to the edges together.

Jesus never gives up. Neither should we.

Discover how Hellen found peace and hope again, after fleeing war in South Sudan

New mission opportunities

Join us to serve at the edges through peace-making, business and discipleship

A world longing for peace

Join with us in prayer for seven areas of conflict in our troubled world

Watch our latest video

Amplifying the voices of peacemakers

Come with us to the edges and discover God at work in ways you might not have expected.

Give a gift

Share what you have with people at the edges…

Pray with us

Prayer lifts our eyes to see beyond our selves, to imagine the world through the eyes of another…

Serve at the edges

Mission opportunities for chronically curious Jesus-followers…

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