CMS 222nd birthday thanksgiving

We are so grateful for 222 years of joining in God’s mission
and for all the people who have been part of that.

What does your involvement in mission and CMS mean to you? We would love you to share your thanksgiving on our wall of gratitude…

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Thank you for all the opportunities I have had by being part of the CMS family. Meeting Christ followers from around the world opening my eyes to God’s global Kingdom. I have learnt so much. My life has been so much richer than I could possibly have imagined. God is good . . . all the time – for that is his nature. Ann

222 years of God’s Grace!!!. . . . . Here’s to another 222 at least!!! Ashley

CMS Ireland family says ‘Happy 222 Birthday’. Thank you for your ongoing fellowship in the Gospel, for your accompaniment on the mission road and for continuing to inspire God’s people to make Him known. All Of Us In CMS Ireland

I joined Companions of the Way – 5 Sept ’48 – and found I was a welcome member of a family seeking to share Jesus’ way of love. I have learnt a great deal along the way – I needed to and still do – but the encouragement and belief of others has been inspirational, kept me going and from falling into too many ‘Poor old me’ days and times. Let’s just continue to help each other in along the way, gently guided and sustained by the Holy Spirit. And allow his love to be continually poured into our hearts from the wonderful source of all Love and life. Anon

I extend my heartiest congratulations to CMS for completing 222 glorious years of success. You have always been on the top of the list for serving the community with your unselfish services. And I wish to say that I have participated in Encounter UK in the year of 2000 by representing my country. In the same time I really express my thanks to CMC [Hospital, Vellore, India]. Anon

Thanking God for my continued prayer links with Asia-CMS personnel in India during this pandemic and an opportunity to give a little support. Mark Oxbrow

I praise God for the years (1908–22) that my mother, May Davies, spent teaching in Uganda. She then came home to marry and died aged 63 when I was 18. Two uncles also served there and I have visited. Remember the 200 years celebration in Clapham and all you wonderful workers are always in my prayers. Thank you. Mrs Neville Bird (nee Lea-Wilson)

I am a new member of the CMS family and would like to say a big Thank You for making me feel so welcome. I feel that God has led me to CMS to help me learn more about my faith, to guide me on my journey, bring me closer to God and hopefully give me a purpose in helping others. Anon

Thank you Lord for calling people to live for you wherever that may be. Thank you that your love extends across countries and continents. Diana

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in East Africa in 1969. This engendered a deep interest and understanding which has remained with me and inspired me to support the mission of CMS ever since. Anon

Thank you so much to give thanks for in the history and present of CMS! Especially give thanks for Tim Yates, Clive Boddington & JV Taylor and many others. Graeme Walker

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Church Mission Society is a legendary organisation that has made Jesus Christ the Messiah ALIVE in nations globally and I personally look forward to working with this most esteemed Christain organisation in years to come. Wishing the CMS more prosperous years ahead in building the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth… Daniel Ken-Okereke

So thankful for the pioneering mission work and education that CMS has done and continues to do. Anon

Thank you CMS for believing in our call and helping to make it happen. Bless you for all your support and care; we couldn’t do it without you! Happy Birthday CMS! Anon

I have been involved with CMS since I went to a Youth House Party at the age of 14, run by Rev Gerald Westcott. Eventually I became a CMS mission partner in Iran for 10 years. During the revolution I met my husband and we have now been happily married for 42 years. I am still in touch with many of the mission partners who were in Iran and we have been a tremendous support to each other, especially during the pandemic. Christine Goldsmid

I wish to thank God for his faithfulness to CMS through 222 years and giving me a privilege to be part of the global family. Being a local partner, gives me joy and gladness. I am specifically grateful for saving me from death through a plane crash. He also healed me from deadly stroke and restoring me to full health. He always leads us in a triumphal procession and through us he spreads the fragrance of his knowledge everywhere: 2 Cor 2:14. What a mighty God we serve. Blessed be his holy name forever. Amen. Rachel Karanja

Graças a DEUS pelas pessoas que oram pelas que evangelizam com esse novo modo de anunciar o evangelho, placas em frente de semáforos e locais de grande movimento de pessoas. E pelos que evangelizam com cartazes em postes de luz e também pelas promessas em ISAIAS 54:17. Anon

The founders of deaf and blind schools in Sri Lanka in 1950. Higher education schools and social welfare services started by CMS missionaries. We can’t forget their contribution towards socio-economic and spiritual values. Anon

Thank you Lord, that because of your great love we are not consumed, for your compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the CMS family. Anna

Great work servants of God. Jonas Ngonga

Grateful for the vision of the worldwide church (beyond just our small town’s) – growing, struggling, praising God! Anon

Thank you very much Lord Jesus Christ for guiding me, as your faithful servant, to become part of the CMS family, and especially during this opportune moment of Celebrating our 222 years of gospel outreach to the world. Long Live CMS! And praise be to your Name Lord Jesus, forever and ever. Amen!! Emanuel Nyantakyi

I thank God for the work of CMS for enlarging my horizons of the Christian church in the world of mission for over 50 years. For the fellowship of partners and all they bring to the local church. God bless the work of church mission and all who are called to service especially where the surroundings are unfamiliar, hostile and lack the facilities of essential services. Be with all personnel of CMS as they encourage facilitate and train candidates. Rita Banfield

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Thank you, God for the privilege of being a member of a world wide family that shares my love of mission, and thank you for the wonderful brothers and sisters that have become my friends through the CMS family. Barbara

We do appreciate a Christ-focused ministry which is so diverse, imaginative and creative. Thank you CMS. Richard & Judy

Thanks for many good friendships over the years; for the opportunity to teach in China years ago and for inspiring talks and stories from so many wonderful people! God reigns. . . Chris Shepherd

In this quite a huge task of continued support to humankind, I give thanks and may the good Lord continue blessing you. Anon

Thank you CMS for your long involvement over all these years. I praise God especially for Kisiizi Hospital where I received the precious gift of salvation. Many blessings to partners all over the world. Margaret

Thank you, Father, for 75 years as a member of CMS from when as a teenager I was ‘recruited’ by an elderly neighbour. Thank you for calling my wife and me to work in over 50 countries, a few formally with CMS but by far the most in a secular role, meeting and worshipping with Christians in nearly every one. Bryan

I am so grateful for all that I have learned over the years through mission events, both as participant and team member. God is good. Anon

In 2003/4 I was CMS in Kabale Uganda. I discovered the God I never knew through children who had known him since they were born. I’m so grateful for the experience and what has become my new second family. Now part of Bath and Wells, I see again the impact that God is having on individuals through CMS as lay people take part in Pioneer training which reveals to them more about who they are and more about God whose mission it is. Katherine Lyddon

Happy 222nd birthday to all CMS members. Remembering all the founding members I give thanks to the lord for giving them His wisdom and purpose to serve His creation (specially marginalized) by sharing His love and hope to transform their lives. My prayers and wishes to all who are playing significant role in keeping this mission in action. May His glorious riches strengthened and empower CMS mission always. Many more happy returns. Love and prayers, Awais

Hallelujah glory to God. . . It’s actually God’s grace and works to celebrate a 222nd birthday and still strong. We give God all praise. Happy 222nd birthday. Anon

Thank you for the amazing work you do and the faith that drives it. Patricia

Thank you for enabling me to join in being part of the worldwide Body of Christ. It is humbling, enriching, challenging and amazing – I have learnt so much. Sue

God created us in his own image. The mission work gives us the opportunity to serve other human beings. Anon

God has given me a lot of blessings and one is to help you my people abroad. God bless you all. Diane Benton

Thank you for 12 very special years working with the church in Northern Nigeria through good and some very challenging ones too. John Horton

Thanks and praise for all involved in mission. Elaine

It’s our 222nd birthday! As a gift, please help more people like Stas…


Grateful for the richness of the experience over time, first on an ‘overseas placement’, then as Mission partner in Egypt, and later as staff member and trustee. In particular, sifting through the archive stories for CMS’s bicentenary, and feeling the incredible commitment and bravery of the early pioneers. I give thanks for the formation and support CMS has given me, and its ongoing pioneering witness in new contexts. Katharine Von Schubert

With a grateful heart I thank God for his mercies which have led CMS to meaningfully function for 222 years spreading Gods Love, kindness and service which have touched millions of God’s people across the world. Being a part of the CMS College Kottayam,Kerala, India, I am grateful for the missionary work that God’s chosen people did in this part of the world. May God’s Kingdom and Glory continue to endure till the end of time. Dr Joji John Panicker, CMS College Kottayam

Praise God for His guidance thus far. It’s been His marvellous works all through these years. Wishing CMS to go ahead with abundance blessings. Anon

The gospel is the only good news Christians can share with the world in a world that is full of bad daily news. We are grateful to God for helping us to share His world all over the world. We also thank Him for protecting the missionaries wherever they go to share the good news. We also thank Him for what He is going to do in the coming years. Jesuyemi Timotheu Oloidi

Remembering with love and thanks Jenny Ottewell, who served CMS faithfully in Uganda for over 20 years, through difficult days of Idi Amin. She looked quite frail but had a backbone of steel and a huge love for God and Uganda. An amazing lady – and one amongst many, I guess. Mary Rogers

Father of all, thank you for enabling me be part of the CMS MA programme in a small way in 2020, knowing I am unable to travel, zoom was a wonderful way that you opened up the possibility of learning for me. Thank you for the mission webinars that Jonny led, and for the emails from Cathy with amazing signposting to epic poems. Thank you for the wee imagine boxes that come through my door. Father keep us ever open to new ways of missional thinking. Susan

Part of CMS is SAMS and for all the mission endeavours of both over many years, thank you, thank you, thank you. May God continue to richly bless this great work of the gospel. Ian

I am grateful to God who has chosen me as His servant and entrusted me His holy mission. He has provided me all I need and orchestrated everything to bless me. He enlarged my tent and gave me worldwide families. He opened me an international network. Praised be his name and his glory will shine throughout the world. Praise the Lord o, my soul! Juliette Razafiarisoa

Thanks that in over 11 years with CMS, we at 28 Too Many have seen a reduction in FGM in 10 countries, published over 60 reports and changed the future for many girls facing FGM . I am so grateful to God for my calling, CMS for training & support, donors, link churches & all for making the dream happen. Ann-Marie Wilson

Thank you for lasting friendships made through CMS with people in various countries around the world, and the world wide perspective this gives to God’s mission in my life. Thank you for the privilege of being able to daily join in with prayers for CMS using the prayer paper. Congratulations on the 222 birthday and may God grant you many more. Wendy

Thank you God for Your faithfulness to CMS through 222 years and giving us the opportunity to serve you in bringing your Church together as one. Lynn Treneary

I am so thankful that CMS has opened me up to a wider world of mission, imagination and creativity and that the CMS community has saved me from theological domesticity. Cathy Ross

222 years participating in the mission of God is a blessed experience indeed. AsiaCMS joins the global fellowship in thanking God for each person who was part of the journey thus far and who will join this legacy in the days to come. Vinod Victor

Praise the Lord brethren. Being a close associate of this mission has added great value to my mission work. Ministering to the hopeless people within my community has been my joy. May God receive all the glory. Our priority has been ministering to street children in Embu city in Kenya. Anon

I live in awe, inspired by the saints past and present willing to leave behind their comforts to take the risk and follow God’s call. In particular, those determined early women whose leadership was not recognised or welcomed back home. . . Those stories inspire me to greater faith – I marvel at the fruit of such sacrifice and adventure. It stretches around the globe and straddles the centuries, such that it’s hard to imagine the Anglican Communion without CMS – it might never exist! Jo Wells

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After suffering a very bad nervous breakdown some years ago, I survived. I knew after I had woken up that God wanted me to live. I will never, ever, forget that feeling. Kate

Pray for the Kingdom of God to encompass all the peoples of the Earth. Anne Faulkner

I’m so thankful to CMS and to God for enabling me to spend so many years working with amazing Indian Christians in South India. Monica

We are thankful to God for his mercies which have led CMS to prevail up to this day spreading God’s works of Love kindness and service which have touched millions of God’s people across the world. We bless you lord for thy Kingdom and Glory shall continue to endure till the end of time. Andrew Musasizi

Love the history of CMS – pioneering in so many places with the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. That legacy of gospel faithfulness, mission intrepidness & cross-cultural sharpness has inspired and challenged me in my Christian walk and ministry! Daniel Kirk

Thanks for the journey and the opening of my mind. John

So grateful for the gift that Asia-CMS and CMS-Africa are to the church around the world. Anon

When I was in CMS training – many years ago – we called CMS the Caring Missionary Society. I want to thank God for that caring, for the work carried out in some very difficult situations and for the privilege of deepening my faith in God and His promises by being part of CMS’s work overseas. My life was changed and my heart enlarged by my experiences of worship and service as part of God’s world-wide family. Elizabeth Swarbrick

With thanks for those who have gone before us these last 220 years – and for the wisdom, learning, challenge and hospitality I’ve received in my own journey with CMS. Debbie

I thank God for the wonderful work of CMS over the last 222 years, for the faithful people God has called to serve Him and their fellowmen and women over those years, sharing God’s unending love. Anita Pamela Wilding

I am so grateful for the vision, action and tenacity of CMS’s founding fathers. Without them many would have been unreached, lives would have been unchanged and we wouldn’t be here today posting thanks or even be connected. Praise the Lord! Frauke

Thank you for all that you are and have become; may your zeal and vision for God’s mission be continually blessed by fresh creative innovation. Such a privilege to be part of this in some small way. Thanks be to God! Rosanna

You are an essential part of the mission, you make it possible for us to reach people for the kingdom. Thank you very much and God bless you. Tanas Alqassis

I am thankful and praise God for calling people to his mission for over a couple of hundred years now to serve via CMS. I love the variety of things CMS mission partners are called to do and what God accomplishes through them to advance his kingdom on earth. I love to be part of it too. Melinda

I am grateful to CMS for helping me understand that it’s all about God’s mission – that God is at work and we get to join in. This is so freeing… Naomi

Happy birthday to us! God has graciously blessed Church Mission Society with many strong and brave people over 222 years and I am grateful for the time I have been involved. I have learnt so much about the world through reading about and praying for our mission partners in many countries. I thank God for all those who have played a part in the work of the Society…. May Church Mission Society go from strength to strength in Jesus’ name. Ann

Wishing CMS a very happy 222nd birthday, blessed of the Lord. Praise him for all the people, who have come to know Jesus’ love for them through the power of the Holy Spirit guiding and directing CMS mission partners to reach out to those who were lost and ‘now are found’. Rosemary

God is always at work, whether I see it or not. I’m thankful for his continuing faithfulness… Joanna

So thankful for CMS in so many ways, but especially in exciting me about intentionally noticing God at work in my life and the lives around me. God is on the move and that is awesome! Charlie

I’m so grateful for our faithful supporters and supporting churches who have continued sacrificially to support mission and CMS throughout a really difficult year. What a blessing you have been to us, helping our people in mission to share the love of Jesus around the world. Thanks be to God for you! Katie

Our family years of total service in CMS – grandparents, parents, aunt, sister and selves add up to about 233. So fireworks and frolics lie yet ahead. But for now, congratulations to you all at CMS Oxford and worldwide. We are hugely grateful to CMS which has shaped our lives and still does. Thanks be to God.  Best wishes, Chris and Rosemary

I am grateful for everyone the Spirit has brought into the CMS network worldwide, gifting me with constant new perspectives on a God who calls us to imagine more than we thought possible, who is always planting seeds and inviting us to share in the ripe fruits of harvest. Jeremy

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It’s our 222nd birthday! As a gift, please help more people like Stas…


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