Our plan, vision and values

What do we want to see? Our vision

Our vision is to see all God’s people engaged in God’s mission, bringing challenge, change, hope and freedom to the world.

As we join in God’s mission, through Jesus, and in the power of the Spirit we see that:

  • the love of Christ renews people and places
  • pioneering leaders forge new paths of transformation
  • people on the margins flourish
  • the healing of creation begins

What are our values?

We are people who are:

  • Pioneering: we try new things, ask questions, cross boundaries
  • Evangelistic: we share Jesus in word and action
  • Relational: we get alongside people, becoming a genuine part of the communities where we find ourselves
  • Faithful: where others have left or given up, we remain committed for the long-haul

As a mission community God calls us to be such people. We commit ourselves to live by these values.

What do we do? Our call

Our call is to see people set free to play their part in the mission of God

The call in action: Raising disciples in mission

To help individual disciples of Christ find freedom to follow God’s call in mission we will:

1. Become the agency of choice for people in mission:

  • through the delivery and regular review of a comprehensive recruitment strategy

2. Deliver outstanding education in mission:

3. Deploy people effectively in mission:

  • through the delivery and regular review of our international and regional strategies according to the principles outlined within them

The call in action: Partnering churches in mission

To help communities of disciples find freedom to follow God’s call in mission we will:

1. Receive the gifts of the global church in mission through:

  • working with key partners to energise the global church in the western context for mission
  • working with key partners to plant new non-Anglophone worshipping communities in the western context

2. Develop deep partnerships in mission through:

  • investing in the growth of CMS mission network, and in particular CMS-Africa and Asia CMS
  • collaborating with emerging mission movements (particularly through Faith2Share)
  • resourcing the global church developing capacity and sustainability

3. Serve, sensitise and mobilise the UK church in mission through

  • the development and increased delivery of Partnership for Missional Church
  • the development of strategically placed pioneering hubs
  • raising the profile of Church Mission Society in the UK through strategic engagement in festivals and networks
  • developing a portfolio of services to enable the UK church in mission

The call in action: Maximise our effectiveness in mission

To see more people set free in mission we will:

1. Raise our profile in mission through:

  • a comprehensive rebranding exercise with subsequently renewed communications activity

2. Track our impact in mission through:

  • the articulation and delivery of an impact assessment framework
  • the establishment of a knowledge management system

3. Recruit and develop the highest quality staff team possible through:

  • an excellent programme of organisational development
  • the recognition and development of talent
  • acting with justice and equity in diversity issues

4. Maximise our funding for mission through:

  • the delivery and development of a comprehensive fundraising strategy to ensure financial sustainability is achieved
  • the rigorous management of expenditure 

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