People in mission

People in mission

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Mission associates serving Africa

  • Anna and Dave Bishop, Uganda
  • Anthea Gordon (DR Congo)
  • Catherine and Stephen McGoldrick (Burundi)
  • Hannah and Joseph Adams (Tanzania)
  • Ian and Shelagh Baird-Smith, Uganda
  • Irene and Malcolm Crawford, Uganda
  • Jane and Nick Cook, Rwanda
  • Janet Phythian, Mozambique
  • Janie Robson, Uganda
  • Judy and Tim Rous, DR Congo
  • Karen Terry, Kenya
  • Lizzie and Simon Guillebaud, Burundi
  • Margaret Mockford, Kenya
  • Melita and Stephen Gordon, Malawi
  • Michael Hunter, Burundi
  • Paul Darrall, Great Lakes region
  • Sue Bird, Malawi
  • Susan Essam, Nigeria
  • Wendy Fry, South Sudan


Mission associates serving Asia

  • Craig and Elaine Watson, Nepal
  • Dan and Phillipa Munday, Nepal
  • Rod and Ruthie Gilbert, Britain and Asia

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Mission associates serving Europe, the Middle East and North Africa

  • Alistair and Rachel, Britain and Middle East
  • Derek and Mary Fairfield, Britain and India
  • Hilary Marshall, Britain
  • Joan and Nigel Bull, Britain
  • Louise Barclay Johnson, Belgium
  • Rebekka Stredwick, Germany

Latin America

Mission associates serving Latin America

  • Ali Young, Brazil
  • Alison and Chris Hawksbee, Paraguay
  • Christopher and Michelle Hays, USA
  • Ed and Marie Brice, Argentina
  • Juan Carlos and Penny Marces, Peru
  • Myrtle Martin, Peru