People in mission

People in mission

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Anthea and Martin Gordon, DR Congo

Martin is working with the Diocese of Goma in mission, education and theological training. Anthea has a regional role in Programme Funding for Tearfund.

Ben and Katy Ray, Tanzania

Showing God’s love and changing attitudes in the community through providing training and employment for disabled people

Bisoke Balikenga, DR Congo

Provincial youth worker investing in young people through encouraging them in their education and peacemaking and raising up new leaders

Caroline and Dick Seed, South Africa

Training Bible teachers in key theological institutions across the African continent and beyond

Chris and Suzy Wilson, Ethiopia

Working in reconciliation and peacebuilding with local Christian leaders.

Christine and David Torrance, Tanzania

Teaching at Kondoa Bible College and coming alongside local Christians in discipleship and ministry.

Dismas Ngendabanga, Rwanda

Preaching, guiding and counselling, and helping Christians in their discipleship journey through providing materials and teaching

Florent Lahitody, Madagascar

Developing the discipleship ministry of the Diocese of Toliara; preparing discipleship materials and equipping leaders to disciple others

Heather Johnstone, Tanzania

Helping to empower the most disadvantaged women and children in Mara through the Rehema Project.

Helen Kisakye, Uganda

Bringing a message of love, hope and inclusion for people with disabilities in Uganda through leading SPLASH inclusive dance group.

James Hassan, Sudan

Assistant bishop of Kadugli diocese, training church leaders and young people, preaching the word and serving the church

Jeff Sikabwe, DR Congo

Country coordinator involved in CMS-Africa’s training courses, mentoring and advocacy

Joseph Noel Sati, South Sudan

Church leader and country coordinator, working to build the capacity of local churches in Sudan and South Sudan using CMS-Africa’s courses

Josias Nkusi Sebujisho, Rwanda

Coordinates CMS-Africa’s activities in Rwanda, teaches on CMS-Africa courses and supports around 100 champions and trainers

Judith Murungi, Uganda

Coordinating CMS-Africa activities in Uganda and training and mentoring leaders for effective holistic discipleship

Kenneth Ambani Buluku, Kenya

Pastor in a local church, helping train lay pastors in the area to serve effectively for the transformation of their communities

Lynn Treneary, South Sudan

Encouraging and strengthening people while teaching English at Chaima Christian Institute, working with evangelist teams and Mothers’ Union.

Malcolm Pritchard, Uganda

Theological college tutor, helping to promote spiritual development and a faithful understanding of the gospel in college life.

Meshack Okumu, Kenya

Training pastors and church leaders using CMS-Africa’s courses and encouraging churches to love others with the resources they already have

Michael Aban, South Sudan

Teaching at Nile Theological College, teaching CMS-Africa courses and pastoring a local congregation

Neil and Sue Browning, Uganda

Neil works as a surgeon at the local government hospital in Moyo and Sue as a lecturer at Kajo-Keji Christian College (KCC).

Nicci Maxwell, Uganda

Providing paediatric and neonatal medical care to the community, and providing training, mentorship and support to local healthcare workers.

Patricia and Peter Wyard, DR Congo

Patricia is a palliative care doctor teaching and supporting local medical staff. Peter teaches students preparing for ministry in Aru.

Paul and Regina Lueth, South Sudan

Church planting, training pastors and evangelists and teaching theology at St John’s Theological College in Wau

Paul Kibona, Tanzania

Country coordinator who teaches, trains, disciples and mentors new leaders for the expansion of the kingdom of God

Rachel Karanja, Kenya

Working to see God transform communities through innovative businesses, including biogas programmes, faith-driven farming groups and more

Salvator Nkorerimana, Burundi

Pastor facilitating CMS-Africa’s activities in Burundi and coordinating Matana diocese’s health and HIV/AIDS department

Sam Malish, South Sudan

Partnering with local churches to offer trauma healing in the refugee camps and coordinating children’s ministry across multiple agencies

Stephen Hatch, Tanzania

Working as maths teacher and head of the science department and supporting the headmaster and chaplain at St John’s Seminary.

Tom and Verity Clare, Uganda

Tom works to improve the health of locals and refugees. Verity looks after our children and hopes to work in peacebuilding or teaching English.


Andrea and Andrew Young, Nepal

Providing vital pastoral care to United Mission to Nepal (UMN) in Kathmandu, Tansen and Okhaldhunga.

Anila Justine, Pakistan

Walking alongside people as they recover from drug addiction, working through drug rehab organisation IBTIDA

Catherine Lee, Taiwan

Working with the Taiwan Episcopal Church, supporting the church, chaplaincy and kindergarten ministry of the Diocese of Taiwan.

Chhinho Saing, Cambodia

Oversees 42 house churches, Shalom International School and Shalom School of Ministries, and trains church leaders across Cambodia

Eric and Sandra Read, Philippines

Demonstrating natural farming models alongside equipping churches in holistic mission for real community impact.

Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker, Thailand

Advocating against human trafficking and counselling victims, walking alongside women as they leave the sex industry and start a new life.

Hemkhomang Haokip, India

Serves at a theological college that strives to equip lay leaders in the church as well as up-and-coming leaders in the Church and society.

Indira Thapa, Nepal

Leader of the National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN), a Christian, indigenous social organisation.

James Pham, Laos

From a neighbouring country in the Mekong region, James shares the gospel with those from his home country and supports the Lao church.

Jason and Tracy Day, Thailand

Seconded to OMF, Jason is an area personnel manager and Tracy is a mum, Sunday school team leader and part-time child safety officer.

Nevedita Jeevabalan, Sri Lanka

Works with and on behalf of disadvantaged and traumatised children, raising awareness and giving children and families new hope.

Peter Bui, Vietnam

Works to reach unreached people groups and equips local trainers in different people groups to train and reach their own people for Jesus.

Russell de Alwis, Sri Lanka

Church relations officer and training coordinator at LEADS, which works with abused and traumatised children.

Saggu Abraham, Nepal

Teaches at the Asia Graduate School of Theology in Kathmandu and promotes theological education in Nepal and India.

Shirish Suresh Suryawanshi, India

Promoting and assisting local churches in Christian leadership and discipleship through theological education.

Tim Lee, Philippines

To improve the lives of families living in poverty in the Philippines by supporting Jigsaw Kids to become a sustainable organisation.

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Alison Giblett, Ukraine

Leads the Genesis ministry, which helps people grappling with addictions to shed destructive habits and learn to rely on God

Ann-Marie Wilson, Britain

Working to end FGM and violence against women and girls, specifically across Africa and the diaspora where FGM is practised.

Anna and Chris Hembury, Britain

Sharing life with people on the margins and supporting them to connect with themselves, each other, the planet and God.

Anne Plested, Israel/Palestine

Teaching English and supporting the team at Bethlehem Bible College.

Anya Manchuliak, Ukraine

Coordinates church and ministry connections, develops partnerships with other churches and missions, trains youth and shares the gospel.

Audrey and Colin Gibson, Lebanon

Working with A Rocha Lebanon on creation care projects, Colin as national director and Audrey as education and church liaison officer.

Berdine van den Toren-Lekkerkerker, Netherlands

Resourcing Christian leaders in Africa and Asia through mission education, so that they can resource others for a life of mission.

Daniel Scott, Spain

Planting churches in the Basque Country and sharing the gospel with Basque speakers in their own language and their own art forms.

Emil and Reem Bourizk, Lebanon

Providing education for refugee children and offering pastoral care for non-church people and Iraqi Christian families.

Felipe and Sarah Yanez, Spain

Bringing hope and sharing Christ with people from all walks of life through work with food banks, Bible studies and informal discipleship.

Festo and Grace Kanungha, Britain

Supporting and resourcing local churches in their ministry to children and young people, working closely with St Martin’s Liskeard

Fiona and Joel Kelling, Jordan

Working alongside local churches to care for vulnerable groups to strengthen the mission of the Church in the Middle East.

Garry Ion, Britain

Supporting and connecting with people on the margins, especially men, through practical work in Men’s Sheds groups.

Habeeb Kamal, Egypt

Shares the gospel with unreached people groups in Egypt and Sudan, teaches and disciples believers.

Jennifer and Kevin Cable, Israel/Palestine

Working to re-open the historic Anglican church in Jaffa and strengthen the presence of Christ in the Middle East.

Kailean and Kim Khongsai, Britain

Working with A Rocha, building bridges among different faith communities using environmental projects and activities.

Lea and Petra Williams, Czech Republic

Leading the Anglican congregation in Brno and developing a vibrant Christian community where people can meet Jesus and grow as disciples.

Michael Green, Britain

Sharing Jesus, discipleship and care of Middle Easterners in the UK and training the Church in engagement with Muslims.

Nabil and Sarah Shehadi, Lebanon

Nabil is Alpha Levant coordinator. Sarah manages the hospitality and administration side, and runs courses with Nabil.

Noel Diaz, Spain

Pastoring a small church plant, coordinating Bible study groups and continuing to evangelise and draw new people to Jesus.

Ruth Radley, Britain

Providing spiritual care and support to children and families as part of the multi-faith chaplaincy team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Ruth Sayers, Britain

Church worker showing Christ in the community through helping people get back into work, assisting with Bible studies, pastoral care and more.

Sergiu Brădean, Romania

Pastors an evangelism-focused church in an ethnically diverse area.

Valery Alymov, Ukraine

Sharing Jesus with others, preaching the gospel, making disciples and planting churches.

Wilhelm, Israel/Palestine

Manager of a Jesus-centred rehab centre, spending time with and discipling rehabilitants.

Latin America

Alf and Hilary Cooper, Chile

Working to see churches planted and multiplied in Chile and beyond through pastoring La Trinidad de Las Condes church.

Amanda Borges, Brazil

Leads the church youth work at Vineyard Floripa and helps coordinate the church’s discipleship school which equips young people in mission

Andrew and Lisa Peart, Bolivia

Partnering with the local church to strengthen its missional outreach to schools, residents and businesses.

Andy and Kati Walsh, Brazil

Working with churches and NGOs in Florianopolis towards social justice for the marginalised, helping people find hope in Jesus.

Anna Sims, Peru

Supporting female, English-speaking inmates and ex-offenders in Lima through prison ministry Walking in Liberty.

Azaria Spencer, Guatemala

Coming alongside and discipling at-risk children and young adults and empowering them to pursue their dreams.

Bev Cannon, Paraguay

Sharing the gospel contextually through working as a school chaplain at Colegio San Andres (CSA), developing the next generation of leaders

Catherine Le Tissier and Nick Drayson, Argentina

Nick is Primate of the Province of South America and Bishop of Northern Argentina. Catherine coordinates the AMARE women’s organisation across the Province.

Crisanto Rojas, Argentina

Travel in indigenous areas, supporting pastors, teaching, presiding over meetings and working with the diocesan bishop

Daniel and Sarah Brito Medeiros, Brazil

Working with ReVive, a safe house for girls at risk, Sarah as a dance therapist and Daniel as an advocate for at-risk children.

Evaldo Reid Rodrigues, Brazil

Lawyer advocating for adoption and fostering for children on behalf of ReVive, which works with abused and at-risk children.

Flavio Adair, Brazil

Rector of Agua Viva church, developing the leadership and mission vision, planting churches and starting a study centre for training lay people and clergy

Franklin Cuenca, Bolivia

Assistant pastor, with responsibility for discipleship and all the teaching aspects of the church.

Gabriel Parra, Chile

Developing the ministerial strategic plan of the church plant while serving as assistant pastor in a larger nearby church and teaching about Christianity in a local school

Gaston Perez, Argentina

Pastoral apprentice, teaching and serving in the local church and studying theology

Lindsey and Steve Poulson, Honduras

Mentoring, creating safe spaces for at-risk children and young people to grow and supporting local project development.

Marcio Ciechanovicz and Noemi Celeti, Brazil

Connecting with people beyond the reach of traditional church, sharing the gospel in new ways and ministering to people’s physical needs.

Mark and Rosalie Balfour, Guatemala

Providing pastoral support for workers in urban ministries, especially Street Kids Direct and partner projects in Guatemala and Honduras.

Mateo Alto, Argentina

Travel in indigenous areas, supporting pastors, teaching, presiding over meetings and working with the diocesan bishop

Mechi Tarragona, Uruguay

To come alongside and train groups in local communities, especially families and leaders

Nicolás Fuentes Vazquez, Chile

I am leading a church planting team at Puente Alto, Santiago. My main role is teaching the word of God and equipping the team.

Pat Blanchard, Peru

Leader of Shalom church and director of Shalom Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults with disabilities and their families.

Paul and Sarah Tester, Peru

Paul is working to establish a truly Latin American mission movement for Latin America and Sarah serves in children’s ministry.

Rosie and Stu Bayford, Brazil

Maximising the capability of the many existing projects in Recife and harnessing local knowledge and expertise.

Sharon Wilcox, Ecuador

Working with people with learning disabilities, teaching them life skills and seeking to enable them to become independent.

Tim Curtis, Paraguay

Building up the body of Christ through writing, translating and producing discipleship training and study materials in the Énxet language.

Walter Toro, Bolivia

Pastor in Tarija engaged in family counselling, Bible teaching, personal discipleship, administration and leadership training