CMS-Africa: Renewed mindsets, transformed nations

A great challenge

CMS-Africa was founded in 2008 in response to a major challenge:

“We are trying to answer the question, ‘Why is Africa highly Christian but the evidence of Christian lifestyle so minimal?’

“CMS-Africa has the approach, it has the biblically-based tools, it has the programmes that can actually be an answer to the situation.

“And I think now CMS-Africa can take on the next phase of making Christianity not only a mile wide and an inch deep, but having it remain a mile wide and also be a mile deep.”

Canon Moses Bushendich,
International Director of CMS-Africa

A bold vision

50 million families living in transformed communities by 2050.

This goal may sound audacious, but CMS-Africa is already ahead of its 2020 targets. To date, CMS-Africa has brought about change in an estimated 60,000 people’s lives, across eight African countries.

A biblical mindset

CMS-Africa leaders believe that for true life transformation to take place, it all has to begin with mindset change:

  • Away from poverty, towards recognising available, abundant, local resources.
  • Away from a Sunday-only Christian faith, towards whole-life deep discipleship.
  • Away from relying on outsider aid, towards loving your neighbours.
This well, at a school founded as a result of CMS-Africa’s training programmes, now provides water to a whole community

CMS-Africa staff have developed dynamic training resources that challenge prevailing perspectives, this “poverty-mindset”, and help people move towards realising God has provided what is needed to transform their communities.

With a new worldview of abundance and opportunity, people are released to mobilise local resources for the common good.

CMS-Africa encourages the church in Africa to live a ‘Monday to Sunday’ faith, recognising God’s concern for physical, economic and social needs in a context where the church has often focused exclusively on spiritual concerns. With this changed mindset, the African church’s potential to change lives is enormous. 

CMS-Africa has taken this training across Africa, hosting sessions in DR Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.

As more minds are changed, more people are equipped to deliver CMS-Africa’s training programmes, which is how thousands of people have already begun to experience change for good.

A story: Drawing from wells with joy

CMS-Africa’s holistic mission training has had the greatest impact among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in African society – especially women in poverty and young people.

CMS-Africa seeks to mobilise these two marginalised groups through its training, giving them the skills and opportunities to gain self-confidence, generate an income and make a difference to their community.

Inspired by what he learned at a Vision Conference led by CMS-Africa, Pastor Ahimas from Power Revival Centre Church in Nairobi decided to set up a school. With few resources, water became currency for them – each child bringing five litres of water, which the school then sold to pay their fees.

People can pay for water using mobile phone contactless payment

When drought came, a gift enabled them to dig a well. Using mobile phone contactless technology, the school now sells water from the well, which helps to pay school fees and transform the local community.

  • One donation bringing new life to a community through water.
  • New life through using waste water from the well to grow a market garden to feed the children.
  • New life from a vision to transform young people’s lives through education.

Around 400 children and young people, both Muslim and Christian, have gained an education from the school so far. When there were riots in the area a while ago, the school was an oasis of peace because the community protected it.

Young people educated, a community transformed, and the gospel of peace demonstrated all through a simple vision from a pastor attending a CMS-Africa conference.

A waste water drainage system feeds a vegetable garden

Sharing in CMS-Africa’s story

Founded in 2008, CMS-Africa is well on its way to bringing about African-led change across the vast, varied continent. CMS is honoured to walk alongside them. If you’d like to do likewise, you can pray:

  • That the global church will understand that Africa needs our partnership, not our pity.
  • For increased creativity and pioneering initiatives across the continent.
  • For God’s protection and blessings over CMS-Africa’s staff, resources and all those they interact with.
  • That we in the UK church may in turn be transformed by the renewing of our own minds, when we consider God’s mission in Africa.

How can our church support CMS-Africa?

You can support the work of our sister organisations, CMS-Africa and Asia-CMS, and their local partners via our Global Mission through Local Leaders programme.

Share the story in your church

We’d love you to share what you’ve read here with your church. In order to help you do this we’ve put together a simple presentation that you could use in a church service, prayer meeting or small group to help the wider congregation learn more about the future of global mission and the work of CMS-Africa.

The presentation contains images, presenter’s notes and the video of Canon Moses. However if you’d like more information before presenting to your church please contact the CMS church relations team.  01865 787520

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