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ANVIL: journal of theology and mission | Volume 33 issue 2

Welcome to ANVIL: a journal of theology and mission.


Cathy Ross unpacks the messiness of following the Spirit in mission and in being alongside people as they journey in faith

Jamie Klair contrasts evangelism in Nigeria to evangelism in Nigerian Pentecostal churches here in the UK

Beth Rookwood reflects on her experience of bringing the disciplines of evangelism and listening together

Ben Norton writes on how to create environments which help people to talk about faith

Video series of stories and reflections from those involved in ministries through which people come to faith.

Video reflections on different aspects and dynamics of faith from those in ministries through which people come to faith.

Including recommended reads on the future of Anglicanism and non-western theology, plus the latest in biblical studies, ethics and mission

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Links to past volumes of ANVIL, back to 1984. Many of these articles are now available online.