Anvil journal of theology and mission

Anvil: a journal of theology and mission

The latest issue explores mission and disability with guest editor Kt Tupling

A man with a mission

Naomi Lawson Jacobs reflects on mission done to, rather than with or by, disabled people via a resistant reading of Mark chapter one.

Theology at the borders of psychosis

Rachel Noël is an Anglican priest writing about “sanity” and mission from a place of “instability”, from her own experience of psychosis.

Tina Hodgett

The childless women of the bible: a hopeful metaphor for the church

Harvey Kwiyani

Mission after George Floyd: on white supremacy, colonialism and world Christianity

Adrian Chatfield

Prayer and mission: entering into the ways of God

Audio: the outrageous light of this world

Chris Duffett speaks about sharing Christ through art, from Anvil vol 37 issue 1 on arts and mission.

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