Anvil journal of theology and mission


Church Mission Society has been publishing Anvil since 2016. The issues we have published are available for download below. The individual articles will be re-published as web pages in the near future.

Anvil volume 37 (2021)

Mission and the Arts: reflections from practitioners (issue 1, Feb 2021)
Mission and shame (issue 2, July 2021)
The gift of African diaspora churches in the UK (issue 3, Nov 2021)

Anvil volume 36 (2020)

Autoethnography: challenging narratives (issue 1, Mar 2020)
Mission education (issue 2, July 2020)
Faultlines in mission: reflections on race and colonialism (issue 3, Oct 2020)

Anvil volume 35 (2019)

Child theology (issue 1, Feb 2019)
Spiritual not religious (issue 2, July 2019)
Church: inside out? (issue 3, Oct 2019)

Anvil volume 34 (2018)

Mission is… (issue 1, Feb 2018)
Pioneering youth ministry (issue 2, June 2018)
Pioneer ministry and innovation (issue 3, Nov 2018)

Anvil volume 33 (2017)

Missional entrepreneurship (issue 1, Apr 2017)
Beautiful witness: evangelism (issue 2, July 2017)
Pioneering on estates and new housing developments (issue 3, Oct 2017)

Anvil volume 32 (2016)

Learn, pray, participate in mission (issue 1, Nov 2016)

From the current issue:

Mission, disability and creativity

Emma Major reflects on the interplay between mission, disability and creativity, from within her lived experience as an artist and church leader.

Theology at the borders of psychosis

Rachel Noël is an Anglican priest writing about “sanity” and mission from a place of “instability”, from her own experience of psychosis.

Book review: Losing Ground: Reading Ruth in the Pacific

This book will introduce you to other worlds…