Video: Grounded in not knowing

Anvil journal of theology and mission

Grounded in not knowing: a sustaining spirituality?

A conversation on mining ancient apophatic traditions, finding energy and wisdom for pioneering sacred terrain.

Video: Janet Williams and Richard Passmore in conversation at CMS Conversations Day 2022

This video recording of Janet and Richard in conversation was made at the 2022 CMS Conversations Day on 5 April.

About the speakers

Janet Williams is currently vice-principal of St Hild College in Yorkshire. Her academic interests include Christian and Buddhist spiritualities, with a particular focus on apophatic traditions.

Richard Passmore is currently employed by the Diocese of Carlisle as the director of the Northern Mission Centre, a collaboration between CMS and God For All (the ecumenical county of Cumbria). The NMC supports a pioneering ecosystem across the north of England and southern Scotland, helping missionally minded people in fresh expressions of church and in time-honoured churches innovate and connect with one another and their communities. He has written several books on youth work and mission, and is interested in the interaction of theology and pioneer practice and how you pioneer in and across systems to create a culture where others can thrive.

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