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Appeal: Global mission through local leaders

The harvest is plentiful, the workers are, too...
By God's grace, talented local leaders are willing, ready and resolute to share the gospel in some of the toughest places.

Bishop Hassan James
Bishop Hassan Osman James is not afraid to publicly wear his cross

When Hassan Osman James was growing up in Sudan, nightfall plunged his village into deep darkness.

One evening, a man came with a light and a generator and began telling people about Jesus – and Hassan’s life was illuminated in more ways than one.

Hidden by adults when the preacher called people forward, he cried out,

“Hey, I am also here!”

That courage and unreserved commitment to Christ has never left him.

Initially estranged from his Muslim family, Hassan is now assistant bishop in the Nuba Mountains. He is a man set apart, utterly committed to serving local people left devastated by violence – whatever the cost.

There are many other Church Mission Society local leaders like him, ready and resolute in their willingness to share the gospel in some of the most challenging places in the world.

By God’s grace, both the harvest and the workers are plentiful in many of these contexts.

But a significant obstacle remains: lack of funding.  

That’s why we are asking if you could support local leaders with a monthly gift.

Like Hassan, they are often unseen and blocked by circumstances or poverty, but – with echoes of Isaiah – like him they cry, "I am also here!”

In response, will you set up a regular gift today to release these faithful local leaders to live out their God-given calling?