Christmas appeal 2022

Christmas can be a lonely, fearful time for Christians in some parts of the world – especially if they choose to follow Jesus after growing up in another faith.

Many will be rejected by their family. They may not be able to access a church community or even the Bible.

For many, the road to faith is too rocky to stay on.

With your help, we can continue to connect struggling believers with the resources they need to keep following Jesus despite the pressures and challenges they face.

Our new partnership with Together Network helps support our sisters and brothers facing rejection, fear and isolation.

Your gift will help strengthen, equip and encourage new believers on their journey of faith in Jesus.

  • £20 could support people as they take risks to follow Jesus
  • £40 could equip a follower of Jesus to disciple others
  • £100 could help us walk alongside isolated Christians

Let’s make sure that this Christmas, no one has to fend for their faith on their own.

“I asked God: if Jesus is the truth just let me know or send a sign or send someone to me…”

‘Adam’, Bahrain

Thank you for standing together with people on the edges.