Harvest Appeal 2022

Give today and help bring God’s life-giving, life-changing love to people at the very edges.

When news broke of Russia’s invasion, the entire CMS community thought of Alison and our dear partners and friends in Ukraine, along with everyone affected.

Alison is based in Kyiv, where she has been making an enormous impact in church planting and growth for 18 years. She also leads the Genesis ministry, which helps people overcome addictions by relying on God.

“God called me to serve him in Ukraine. He didn’t say only when it was easy.”


Despite immense personal risk, Alison decided to stay on in Ukraine, where she has continued to bring God’s transforming love wherever she serves – including kids’ clubs and continuing the Genesis ministry.

Smiling mission partner Alison and children in sunshine
Alison Giblett, pictured at a kids club she runs with her church, which has restored much needed joy through this tragic time.

As Ukraine produces so much of the world’s grain, the war has hit the poorest people worst, globally. With food and energy costs rising, people urgently need hope. This harvest, you have an opportunity to meet people’s most fundamental needs by restoring that hope.

Today you can send a gift to support our faithful people in mission like Alison, who are doing so much to share God’s love. Your gift is urgently needed to bring God’s life-giving, life-changing love to people at the very edges.

It’s your support that makes it possible for people in mission like Alison to bring the life-giving, life-changing love of Jesus to the most dangerous places to live. Thank you so much.

This harvest, will you help bring a harvest of God’s love to people at the very edges?