Lent appeal 2023

At Lent, we remember the greatest demonstration of God’s love for us at the cross. He will never give up on us. As we reflect on his great love, our Lent appeal is to follow him by doing the same for people who need support urgently. Will you join us?

After years of homelessness, addiction and crime, Steve (pictured) had begun to consider ending it all. He said a desperate prayer, not expecting a response.

Then Steve heard a kind voice, which belonged to Ali, a CMS-trained pioneer. She approached him as he sat on a bench, and invited him to the social supermarket at her church. There, members receive fresh food, company, advice on nutrition and finances, and can share their challenges.

Steve realised God hadn’t abandoned him. He soon became part of a new family at Ali’s church, who genuinely care for each other. “If it weren’t for them, I don’t think I’d be here,” Steve says.

  • £20 could support CMS partners to run projects like the social supermarket, providing hope to people like Steve in desperate situations.
  • £40 could train CMS partners around the world in sharing and living out the life-changing love of Jesus.

Please send a gift this Lent, and pray for people like Steve to know they’re not alone.