Sudan: ongoing conflict

Local partner Hassan James writes that the conditions are very, very difficult and asks us to keep praying. For three weeks now, gunfire and explosions have been heard across the capital, Khartoum. Please pray for protection for those caught in the crossfire and for an end to the fighting.

South Asia: recovery and healing

Please pray for local partner R who is recovering from ear surgery and waiting on another procedure. Pray for patience in the waiting and ultimately for healing.

Pakistan: economic crisis

Pray for the people of Pakistan, where the prices of everyday commodities continue to go up and many are having to make difficult choices, for instance between healthcare and schooling.

Latin America: threats to ancestral lands

Please pray for indigenous peoples facing threats to their ancestral lands from multiple sources. In some cases, it is the failure of governments to recognise the rights to their lands, in others it can be illegal mining or onrushing farm expansion. Pray for those facing these challenges, that they might find the right ways to […]

India: conflict in Manipur

Please pray for the people of Manipur, where there is an ongoing clash between the dominant people group and smaller people groups. People from the Meitei group have ransacked 15 churches and there are also reports of several deaths, many casualties, and villages being burned down. Please pray for an end to the conflict and […]

Asia: staying well and standing firm

Across the region, COVID is again on the rise, as is influenza, in spite of the summer heat. Pray for God’s protection and for people to take sensible precautions so that the viruses stop spreading. Pray for the people of God to stand firm as persecution continues to increase in Asia, and in particular in […]

Argentina: training for rural church leaders

Local partner Marcos Humacata and other rural church leaders are receiving training this week and next. Marcos asks for prayer for leaders to be encouraged and challenged through the Word of God, for the Holy Spirit to guide them and for cultural and language barriers not to cause difficulties. Please also pray against the spread […]

Sudan: fighting for power

Please keep praying for Sudan, where fighting is still going on. Pray for safety for the many who are in danger, for God to change the hearts of those who are fighting and most of all for peace to come to this nation.

South Asia: safety

Please pray for safety for mission partner F as the political and economic situation deteriorates in the country where she is working.

Malaysia: refugee and immigrant communities

Refugees and immigrants in Malaysia have no real status in the country, meaning they cannot work legally, access medical care or send their children to school. NGOs and other organisations are stepping in, but they remain stateless. Pray for barriers to be removed so that refugees can make new lives for themselves and their families. 

Lebanon: preparing to leave

Pray for Phil and Sylvie Good as they prepare to return to the UK in August and leave behind so many for whom life is tough. Pray for the people of Lebanon, who are living through the worst financial crisis in the country’s modern history.

Honduras: high levels of violence

A recent NGO report has highlighted that people in Honduras are facing war-like levels of violence. Please pray for peace instead of gang-led violence and for all those who live in such violent contexts. Pray too for CMS mission partners Lindsey and Steve Poulson serving in some of these contexts and for those they partner […]