Nepal: International Nepal Fellowship

As INF celebrates 70 years of service in Nepal, praise God for the wonderful funding and prayer partners of INF who have journeyed with the organisation over the past 70 years. Please also pray for preparations underway for the new INF five-year health agreement, as well as for political stability in Nepal.

Sudan: prayer for democratic rule

There is still no progress towards the restoration of democratic rule; in another demonstration last Wednesday, demanding full civilian rule, one person was killed and 78 injured – six of them with live bullets. Pray for all those in power, that they may listen to the voice of the people and begin the transition to democratic governance; and pray for all […]

Chile: natural resources in short supply

This week, plans to ration water in Santiago were announced as a result of 13 years of drought. Seen as another example of climate change, please pray for wise stewardship of the region’s natural resources and for those working in creation care to counteract the damage that has already been done. Please pray particularly for […]

South Asia: safe arrival

Give thanks that mission partners E and R have arrived safely in the UK for home leave. Pray for a refreshing time in the UK and good opportunities to connect with families, friends and churches.

Dismas Ngendabanga, Rwanda

Preaching, guiding and counselling, and helping Christians in their discipleship journey through providing materials and teaching

Easter reflection from CEO Alastair Bateman

In a challenging season, Alastair reflects on God's power in human weakness.

Rachel Karanja, Kenya

Working to see God transform communities through innovative businesses, including biogas programmes, faith-driven farming groups and more

Nepal: residential mission training

National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN) asks for prayer for the 17 students from all over Nepal who have just begun residential mission training with them. Pray for teachers and students to connect well with each other and for God to guide each student’s learning. Please also pray for all the upcoming short-term mission programmes […]

Building up indigenous leaders in Paraguay

Facing the future with only 14 ordained priests in the whole country is a significant challenge for the Anglican Church in Paraguay

Ukraine update 5 April

We join with much of the world in grieving, as we hear reports of civilian killings and other atrocities in Bucha, a town near the capital Kyiv, Ukraine. US and European allies warning of intensified sanctions on Russia. See the BBC for the latest news. CMS people in mission in Ukraine are praying to God […]

Ukraine update 28 March

Alison and the group have arrived safely at a new village location where they are able to rent houses that are usually only used in the summer. They are very grateful for their accommodation, which is ever more difficult to find with up to 7 million people displaced within the country.

Ukraine update 25 March

We are giving thanks, having received word from mission partner Alison that the convoy she and local partners Valery and Anya were part of has reached their new location and they are getting settled into their accommodation: “Praise God: we [a group of nine vehicles] have all arrived safely with no incidents to cause concern.”