“We are doing what we can”

As refugees seek safety in countries on Ukraine’s western border, our partners offer welcome and care.

Book review: Community as Church, Church as Community

Katrina Hutchins says Michael Plekon offers a powerful vision of a small church that is alive to God.

Book review: How do you know it’s God?

Susann Haehnel follows Lynn McChlery into the tricky area of discerning vocation.

Book review: The Pandemic and the People of God

Tom Wilson looks at Arbuckle’s suggestions for how the Catholic Church should collectively and individually respond to COVID-19

Book review: More than a Womb

Sue Hart finds Lisa Wilson Davison's book to be a hugely welcome, liberating gift.

Book review: Slavery-Free Communities

Read this book, says Dr Cathy Ross: you will never be unaware again.

Book review: Exploring Indigenous Spirituality

Tom Wilson reviews a fascinating first foray into the largely undocumented world of the Kutchi Kohli Christians of Pakistan.

Book review: The Unique and Universal Christ

Drew Collins's book moves forward the debate concerning Christian engagement with other religions.

Book review: Constructing Paul

Volumes any serious student of the New Testament would do well to read

Theology at the borders of psychosis

Rachel Noël is an Anglican priest writing about “sanity” and mission from a place of “instability”, from her own experience of psychosis.

“The future will depend on them”

The elders of the church in South America are seeking new faces who can navigate cultural and social changes and challenges

Stay with us: stability and momentum through change

Ian Adams explores the Emmaus story as a guide for living through constantly changing times