The latest news, mission thinking and personal reflections from the CMS mission community

  • Ukraine: why I chose to stay

    Mission partner Alison Giblett shares why she chose to stay among her community in Ukraine even as violence swept in

  • Seeking a mighty impact with Christ at the centre

    Joan Busolo, the new CMS manager in Africa, shares her dreams for mission there

  • Stumbling towards the edges

    Andy Roberts and Jonny Baker talk about the edges of mission, in the UK and globally.

  • 30 Sept: Adelante 2022

    A hybrid event – in-person and online – to celebrate, learn about and pray for mission in and from Latin America.

  • 7 Oct: Africa Conference 2022

    A weekend residential at Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire – with opportunity to connect online

  • Easter reflection from CEO Alastair Bateman

    In a challenging season, Alastair reflects on God’s power in human weakness.

  • “We are doing what we can”

    As refugees seek safety in countries on Ukraine’s western border, our partners offer welcome and care.

  • Pray for Ukraine

    Pause and pray for all God’s children under attack in Ukraine. We are thankful that our people in mission and their colleagues have reached relative safety, though moving between temporary refuges.

  • No short cuts to beauty

    “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places,” says Suzy Wilson, amazed by falling in love with a place and people of great hardship and great beauty.

  • How to… keep mission on the agenda

    CMS advocates are working hard to keep local and global mission high on the agenda within their churches.

  • Stay with us: stability and momentum through change

    Ian Adams explores the Emmaus story as a guide for living through constantly changing times

  • Triple promise: new south-west pioneer training hub begins

    Three south-west dioceses have come together to host a training hub for the CMS Certificate in Pioneer Mission.