A Guide to Creative Conversations

A Guide to Creative Conversations

Have you ever had a conversation which changed your life? One of those moments where you glimpsed a different way of seeing the world?

In which you connected with someone else or a group of people at a profound level, even if just briefly, and where something new, even unexpected, came out of the connectedness between those people on that day in that place and at that time?

This guide is designed to help you reflect on and be equipped to be a part of more creative conversations.

Developed and written by Anna Ruddick (Urban Life), Cathy Ross (Leader of the Oxford centre for CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training) and Mike Pears (Director of the International Baptist Theological Study Centre), the guide contains five chapters which consider how to help enable and, conversely, what might hinder creative conversation: the physical environment, shaping stories, personhood, the people involved and conversations online.

Each chapter has a short section to read, suggestions for further reading and resources, a guide for personal reflection, a brief discussion guide to be used in a group setting, and practical challenges to try out in your day to day life and mission.

The guide can be used by churches and community groups who want to learn to engage more deeply with their neighbours. It will help those who are involved in building relationships between people of different cultures, faith groups and ethnic backgrounds. It is ideal for ministry students who are based in placements and ministry settings and also for research students who want to draw on innovative conversational methods.

A Guide to Creative Conversations is a free resource – download it here.

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