A world longing for peace

A world longing for peace

Join with us in prayer for seven areas of conflict in our troubled world

As we look at the world around us, we see conflict in many places. So we invite you to join with us in turning to Jesus, the Prince of Peace, through this prayer, and to scroll down for specific prayer requests from areas facing violent conflict.

Loving God,
We believe that you want peace.
We believe that you offer peace.
We believe that you bring peace.
We believe that you call us to find peace in you,
Live in peace with each other,
And pursue peace with those we
think of as our enemies
(but whose face is yours).
For if there is to be peace at all
There must be peace for all.
Please keep showing us the way
And give us the humble boldness to walk in it.
Don’t let us give up.
In the name of Jesus the peacemaker we pray.

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As the war in Ukraine approaches the two-year mark, CMS people in mission say, “Thank you so much for continuing to stand with us.”

Mission partner Alison Giblett invites us to pray for unity across the country politically, so that neither language nor geography will divide people, unity among the churches and unity in families, especially those who have been living apart for a long time due to the war. And for the 600+ Christian chaplains as they bring God’s comfort and hope to those in the army, the many wounded and relatives of those who have died or gone missing.

Latest prayer requests

  • Since Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine two years ago, faithful supporters have been meeting weekly on Saturday evenings to pray.



Pray for peace and reconciliation in the Land of the Holy One. CMS people in mission (including Kevin and Jen Cable, pictured) urgently ask for prayer: for a true, just and lasting peace. For everyone in pain – in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. Pray for healing and hope to prevail. For an end to the anti-Semitism and Islamophobia reverberating around the world.

A local partner in Beer Sheva also asks: “Pray that when our people see that all the systems they have ever trusted – strong army, decisive political leaders, police and emergency services, etc. – are simply collapsing, they will truly start seeking the Lord and will find him in the midst of this terrible tragedy.”

Latest prayer requests

  • Give thanks for people who have been well enough to leave the Christian-based addiction rehab facility in Beer Sheva, where CMS local partner Wilhelm works. “Alexei has just finished the programme successfully, left the rehab centre to live independently and even restored a good relationship with his wife. He keeps…


DR Congo

Local partner Bisoke Balikenga (Bunia) and mission partner Martin Gordon (Goma), ask us to pray for eastern DRC, especially:

  • an interdenominational peace project in Goma diocese; trauma healing in Goma and Bunia;
  • youth leaders being equipped in peacebuilding through training in Boga diocese;
  • the peace centre in Bunia to continue to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs;
  • safety: in Goma diocese a teacher was killed, an archdeacon and his family fled their home, children have been abducted and a diocese school was flattened by bombs.

Latest prayer requests

  • Please continue to pray for peace to prevail in Goma and all DR Congo and for Anthea and Martin Gordon and their family and for those at CMS who are supporting them.



On 15 April 2023 fighting began between rival armed factions in Khartoum. Local partner Bishop Hassan James, based in Kadugli and the Nuba Mountains, invites us to pray:

  • “Pray for peace and stability in the country, and for peace agreements to be reached between the warring parties. We thank God for the agreement between the Sudan Army and Rapid Support Forces for the passage of humanitarian aid.
  • “Pray for displaced people, the dire humanitarian situation and the health of children.
  • “Pray for the people of Darfur because two armed movement leaders have united with the Sudanese Army against the Rapid Support Forces. This will be dangerous for the people of Darfur and Sudan in general.
  • “Pray for believing men and women to remain steadfast in faith amid difficult circumstances.”

South Sudan

Local partner Sam Malish shares: “I plead with the church worldwide to pray with us that South Sudanese forgive each other and trust in God. Pray for the leaders, that they put the people of South Sudan before themselves and see that they are part of the solution.”

Local partners Paul and Regina Lueth pray, “May God have mercy on the people of South Sudan. We have been at war for more than 35 years. We are so tired, oh Lord.” Pray particularly for a lasting solution to the Abyei, Apuk, Twic and Wau border conflicts; for the families of those killed; for local doctors helping the wounded.

Local partner Joseph Noel adds: “Pray that God will raise men and women who are peacemakers through our work equipping church leaders to make disciples in places with conflict.”

Manipur (India)

Manipur has been experiencing tension between ethnic groups since May. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced, with many killed, villages destroyed and churches burned.

A local partner who went there to bring aid visited seven camps, reporting that although the situation is calmer, people have nowhere to go. He asks for prayer for projects helping to feed some of those displaced, and for safety for those bringing aid and sharing the love of God in action.

Pray also for justice, reconciliation and healing, and for the leaders tasked with bringing this about.


Although away from the spotlight, civil conflict continues in Myanmar. During autumn 2023, tensions and fighting escalated around the country. Groups resisting the military junta that took power in February 2021 are gaining ground and feeling bolder. The internet has been cut off in significant regions.

Please pray for civilians, especially the most vulnerable who are affected by violence every day. Pray for wisdom and protection for those who are trying to help.

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