A new psalm of lament

A new psalm of lament

Join us in offering this psalm of lament for the nations of North Africa, written by one of our mission partners.

You are free to use this new psalm however you wish. Here is a suggested format for use in a group or congregational setting. All say the words in bold.

O Christ, you know how it feels to be
led into the wilderness.

You who have known hunger and thirst,
Remember now the dry and desert places of our world.

In the wilderness of political strife,
Do a new thing, O Lord.

Among the disenfranchised and the disregarded,
Extend your invitation to belong with you, O King.

Where churches are being closed down,
Make a way for your people, dear Christ.

For Christians facing clashes with Muslim neighbours,
Cause waters of friendship to flow, dear Jesus.

May those who face instability and loss of homes
Find in you their safe and secure abode, our King.

Amid many goodbyes, connections made and then lost,
Be a cup of water to the grieving, our Spring of Life.

We lift to you, O Lamb of God, the dry and dusty nations of the Sahara.
United in longing, our hearts cry out to you,

That artesian wells of your Spirit might open up
And that the waters of Life would flood these parched places.

Make a way in the wilderness!
Give drink to your people!

We have waited so long for your Life to come.
Do a new thing, O Lord.