With each other: reflecting on mission together in Asia

With each other: reflecting on mission together in Asia

Rev Dr Chan Nam Chen, executive director of AsiaCMS, reflects on its first decade

I see the AsiaCMS story as a mirror of sorts – of the changes in global Christianity and in global mission. Christianity is no more to be viewed as a Western faith, but as a truly global phenomenon.

By Rev Dr Chan Nam Chen

God’s mission is also not a primarily Western endeavour, but one that draws mission-hearted followers of Jesus of every stripe and tradition from around the world. This diversity is a trajectory that started from the early days of the church (Acts 15) and has continued ever since.

The team at AsiaCMS includes those from the whole spectrum of Christians, churches and organisations, as it should be. Effective mission is less about ecclesial boundaries than about shared vision, passion, obedience and commitment to God’s mission. It is multi-ethnic and multicultural because today’s mission movements are no longer represented only by white and Western faces. This reconfiguration fulfils Christ’s high priestly prayer in John 17:11 “that they may be one”. It foreshadows that heavenly climax where a great multitude “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Revelation 7:9) will stand in worship before Christ.

What has emerged in AsiaCMS in the past 10 years is the result of the collaborative thoughts and efforts of many people. I am privileged to work with a group of people who are perceptibly brought together by the Holy Spirit. From the board of trustees, the staff team to our co-mission partners, they exemplify in diverse ways obedience, sacrifice and faith for God’s mission.

AsiaCMS is founded on the legacy of Church Mission Society. As we look to the road ahead, the love and passion that founded CMS similarly motivate us. The world has changed and our approaches must change, but we serve an unchanging God and the gospel entrusted to us is timeless. As the past generations have demonstrated and extolled the works of God to us, this “generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts… They shall speak of the might of your awesome deeds, and I will declare your greatness.” (Psalm 145:4–6)

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