Video: Change of a dress

Video: Change of a dress

Maria Skoyles is CEO of the Dorcas Dress Project, a Christian UK based registered charity that supports people out of situations of poverty by sharing Jesus’ love, providing skills training, resources and pastoral care.

She is studying with CMS Pioneer Mission Training on the MA course in Theology, Ministry and Mission.

“My life has been a bit difficult, a bit like a hurricane, but this has given me more a feeling of self-worth. It gives me confidence in myself because it develops my creative side…

“My faith has helped me not to do anything crazy, to keep my balance… It helped me to hold on and not to give up.”

Carolina, Dorcas Dress Project trainee

Dorcas Dress Project has a project in Leicester, UK, as well as sewing hubs in Nigeria and Uganda, and soon in Tanzania and beyond.

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