2023: Our favourite videos

2023: Our favourite videos

The communications team shares some of their highlights from the past year


As 2023 draws to a close and we are celebrating the joy of Christmas, our team have been celebrating stories of people meeting Jesus – so here are a few of our favourite things from the last year.

We’ve been able to share more stories of lives changed in the UK this year and we’d like to say a massive thank you to all our faithful supporters who pray and give to make these stories possible.

“This video of the social supermarket in Rotherham and the story of Steve’s transformation was particularly meaningful to me. I got to return to the area I grew up in and see God at work in the lives of the people there during production. I’ve also had the joy of sharing the film when speaking on behalf of CMS and seeing people respond to its message.”

Luke, video producer

“I really loved interviewing Maritza. Her story of coming to faith in Jesus is so moving and it was wonderful to see first-hand the difference working for Clean for Good has made for her well-being.”

Camilla, copywriter

“I love to see the boundless energy and commitment of Lindsey and Steve Poulson and the long-term impact of mentoring for young people at the very edges.”

Jeremy, digital

“There’s an adage that says you shouldn’t actually meet the people you admire because they’ll be disappointing, but interviewing Shane Claiborne while he was in the UK was a highlight for me this year. He says such good things about mission at the edges – and he also lives it. And I feel like his commitment to non-violence is particularly prophetic.”

Naomi Rose Steinberg, head of comms

“My favourite film from 2023 was Dayle’s story – because of the way her demeanour lit up a grey winter afternoon as she spoke about Jesus and how much he means to her.”

Jenny, editor

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