Appetite for pioneering in the parish

Appetite for pioneering in the parish

New webinar-based training helps churches look outwards

Photo: Rev Tina Hodgett leads Pioneering Parishes

This term, 40 people joined in with Pioneering Parishes webinars, a new addition to CMS that provides tools to help parishes become more outward looking.

Founded on the belief that pioneering is integral to parish life, Pioneering Parishes webinar courses are designed for PCC members, parish clergy, people exploring a pioneer call, diocesan or parish support staff and anyone searching for tools to help them shift the energy of the church out into the parish.

Rev Robin Lodge of St Andrew’s Church Taunton on what he has valued from Pioneering Parishes

Recently, three church leaders invited their leadership teams to join them on the First Steps course to develop a greater shared understanding of what it means for their church to become more outward focused, why focus needs to change and how they can do it – and sustain it.

One participant commented, “With the Holy Spirit we can re-imagine church ‘everywhere’ and not only within our church buildings… God can call us to minister organically in new ways and in new places, meeting people where they are.”

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