Future you will thank you

Future you will thank you

Save your to do list once you’re back from holiday: book your Pioneering Parishes course now.

Long summer days are always over so quickly

Although it’s probably not immediately obvious from the weather, the summer holidays are approaching!

Summer can be the time to rest, take stock, evaluate what’s going well and what isn’t then make plans for the future. If that’s you this summer then make sure you book yourself (and your PCC) onto a Pioneering Parishes course this autumn. It will give you all the tools you need to move forward.

So before you get that out of office on and enjoy some rest, make sure you book your place – it will save your to do list once you’re back from holiday.

Here’s all our events from September

Culture Change in Practice
Starts Monday 16 September at 12:00pm
Four webinars for church leaders grappling with the challenge of developing a pioneering culture and a mixed ecology of church.
Find out more. Book now.

Community of Learning
Thursday 3 October at 1:30pm
A regular gathering of the Pioneering Parishes learning community. We share case studies, experiences and wisdom. We discuss issues and ideas.
Find out more. Book now.

First Steps
Starts Thursday 3 October at 7:30pm
Four webinars which help both priests and lay people discover pioneering; what it is and why it’s integral to healthy parish life.
Find out more. Book now.

Values Day
Saturday 5 October at 10:00am
Discerning who we aspire to be for God and our community: this online training day will give you the tools to ask the right questions, identify values and adopt them.
Find out more. Book now.

Don’t miss out. Book now.

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