Helping hands in Israel

Helping hands in Israel

News and prayer update from Jennifer and Kevin Cable in Jerusalem, returning to Jaffa

After the attacks on 7 October, mission partners Jennifer and Kevin Cable travelled from their base in Jaffa to Jerusalem to join in the Anglican response to the situation.

In Jerusalem, they have been looking after refugees coming from southern Israel while still maintaining an online community for those who have stayed behind in Jaffa.

Watch Jen and Kevin’s Christmas / New Year update

Pitching in where necessary, Kevin has spent time cooking meals, washing dishes, preparing rooms for people to stay in or leading services and praying with people, while Jen has been working with the women and helped get everything ready for those arriving with children.

As the church building they hire in Jaffa remains closed, in December, they invited the remaining members of their congregation to join them at Christ Church Jerusalem for Christmas.

In the midst of the ongoing conflict, Jen and Kevin were glad to be together with them again even for a short while.

Pray together

Please pray for Jennifer and Kevin in this new year, as they resume their ministry in Jaffa, including a growing congregation and the Little Lambs toddler group. Pray for God’s guidance about the way forward at such a difficult time.

Pray for the people who have been displaced from their homes in Israel and Gaza. Pray that the Prince of Peace will bring the peace and reconciliation that only he can bring.

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