Jesus eases people’s pain in Ukraine

Jesus eases people’s pain in Ukraine

Your support enables making friends, having fun and finding faith

Photo: Village mission in action – Alison and Valery visiting one Ukrainian granny, who found faith and was baptised.

Hundreds of people in war-weary Ukraine have continued to receive food, shelter, hygiene support and medical and dental care, thanks to generous CMS supporters and faithful CMS people in mission.

In addition to meeting people’s urgent physical needs, Alison Giblett, Anya Manchuliak and Valery Alymov and their church team have served people in Kyiv and travelled to regions further east to remind people of the hope that Jesus brings even amid suffering.

Seeking shelter

In one village in the Chernihiv region, the team baptised a woman after hearing her story of God’s provision. One day, this woman said she felt God told her to go to her underground food store, so she and her husband went. Suddenly, three Russian rockets hit their house, destroying it completely. Sadly, her husband died from the shock and stress.

Having lost so much, this woman prayed that she would not become homeless. To her relief, a team came and built her and 36 others small temporary shelters in time for winter.

Finding a home

After she professed faith in Jesus and was baptised, the CMS team realised that this woman received a new physical and spiritual home on the same day. This woman now regularly attends church.

Alison adds: “We had a week serving in three villages south of Chernihiv while Homes for Peace built 38 temporary 40sqm homes for those who had theirs destroyed during an earlier part of the invasion.

“Each night we (TLG) put on evangelistic concerts in the regional town.

“During the day two ladies cut hair outside the prayer tent, a team of professional dentists treated over 100 people and the TLG church ran a mission for 500 children and we shared the gospel with people being served by the different events.

Fun, friends, faith

“We have made many trips to the Makarov region west of Kiev, holding concerts, children’s camps and helping to create two bomb shelters so children could attend school.

“During this work we have had a lot of fun and made many new friends. Many people have been led to faith and three also received baptism. Please pray for all these people.”

The TLG team, led by Valery, also continue a chaplaincy ministry to soldiers, war widows and army wives, as well as supporting those whose loved ones are missing in action.

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