Steps forward in rehab

Steps forward in rehab

More men are leaving addiction behind in Israel

Photo: Wilhelm is a father figure
for men in rehab in Israel

Three men in a rehab centre in Israel led by CMS local partner Wilhelm have made great steps forward.

Andy (name changed), who had been drinking heavily on and off since his youth in the Soviet Union, had tried three different rehabs at different stages in his life.

He has been living in Wilhelm’s rehab for over a year, and is doing well so far. He works as a security guard at a supermarket and is not tempted by the alcohol on sale near his work station.

He said that the rehab was initially like a refuge, but is now his home and family thanks to Wilhelm, who Andy sees as a mentor, friend and father figure.

Alexei finished the programme successfully, left the rehab centre to live independently and restored a good relationship with his wife. He is still attending services with the congregation connected to the rehab.

Alexander only spent four months in rehab, got better, found a job and went to live independently in a rented apartment.

It will be a real challenge for Alexander to remain sober and strong, but so far he is doing well and keeps attending church and rehab meetings.

Please pray that these three men continue making good progress and grow spiritually.

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