Working together to bring hope

Working together to bring hope

CMS partner launches new group to support women choosing to leave sex work in Thailand

Photo: Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker celebrates glimpses of hope for young girls in Thailand

A new partnership with the government is helping an organisation led by local partner Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker support young people in Thailand.

The organisation, which supports women who have chosen to leave sex work, saw increasing numbers of young people referred to them by women in the sex industry after the young people had been recruited by traffickers.

Many of these young people had fled to northern Thailand from the conflict in Myanmar and were vulnerable to exploitation.

Through this new partnership, Helen and her colleagues have been able to help eight young girls get back to school.

The group is also helping with medical expenses, counselling and assisting in housing for the girls who do not have caregivers.

Helen shares, “This is a testimony for us because these young girls come to us very dissociated and we are able to witness (in a short time) a glimpse of hope in their eyes, that life is going to be safe again for them.

“We also witness the women in our programme step up as mentors for these young girls.”

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