Brick by brick

Brick by brick

A message from mission partner Alison Giblett, received Wednesday 19 May 2022:

Thank you everyone, for your prayers for the work and restoration we’re starting here near the Kyiv region. The situation is not nearly as bad as it was probably a month ago straight after all of the damage and bombing in this area. So we’re seeing lots of destroyed buildings, but the mess all over the ground has mostly been cleared up now. We really praise God.

Yesterday we had a very good day. We visited some people on Monday where there was a crater where a 500 kilogram air bomb had been dropped in the middle of the road and all the houses around it had serious damage. One family we saw were still trying to pick up the bricks and clean them so that they could be reused again. And so we offered help, and five of us came back yesterday, and they were so encouraged by the fact that we were willing to come and get involved, hands on. And we were able to see a significant amount of clearing done. And the whole front wall that had crumbled, we were able to clear, and sort between the rubbish and the reasonable bricks that could be reused.

To our surprise, they gave us a very nice lunch, which was a really, really lovely expression of gratitude, and we’ll certainly continue visiting and supporting them. We had some other very good contacts as well. We met a lady in the village who used to be a sort unofficial regional leader. She helped 180 people in the village evacuate during the worst time of the bombing. And so praise God, there were far fewer people in the village who actually died, although over 40 houses have been destroyed.

Thank you for your prayers. It’s good to be able to share the ongoing progress with you. God bless you.

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