COP27: creation care

COP27: creation care

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Mission partner Joel Kelling is attending the COP27 conference in Egypt as part of the delegation from the Anglican Communion. He is supporting logistics and communications, and will be in the negotiating space presenting a policy paper, linking with other Christians and interfaith partners, and trying to support the voices of too often marginalised peoples, including youth, women and indigenous communities. Joel asks that we pray:

“Firstly, that the voices of those most affected by climate change are listened to, and more ambition is made by the biggest polluters to reduce emissions, support adaptation, and create robust loss and damage mechanisms now (not in 2024) so that recovery from climate change influenced disaster is faster.

“Secondly, that we all as Christians have a conversion of the heart to see the urgency of the crisis and our complicity in it. As Christians in the Global North we are historically and currently more responsible for the state of the earth, and we must repent of this, and be agents for change. If we are to be credible in the global stage we must lead within our communities – with wealthy parts of the Anglican Church supporting those most in need (our own loss and damage mechanism) and must raise our voice with political leadership, using the moral authority we have to make an impact. In our own spaces we must listen to voice of youth, women and indigenous people, whose future is dependent on meaningful change, and whose knowledge has been ignored for too long.”

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