DR Congo: escalating conflict before the election

DR Congo: escalating conflict before the election

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Mission partner Martin Gordon, Bishop of Goma in eastern DR Congo, writes: “In the last few weeks on the military frontline 20 km north of Goma we have seen one of [the Anglican church’s] school teachers killed, one of our schools destroyed by bombs and two schoolchildren kidnapped. Schools have not started the academic year across large parts of the diocese, and fighting regularly causes our clergy to flee into the forest for a few days for safety.

“The official election campaign started this Sunday with voting due to take place on Wednesday 20 December. In a country of almost 100 million people less than half of the eligible population has registered to vote. But in our province of North Kivu even those who are registered are unlikely to be able to vote as many areas are either held by the M23 rebel group or are in the grip of fighting between the rebels and the Congolese army.”

Please pray for peace in eastern DR Congo and for the election to take place peacefully across the country.

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