North Africa: Christians under pressure

North Africa: Christians under pressure

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A partner working with Christians in North Africa shares a prayer request from local Christian leaders: “Pray for local Christian believers to be encouraged. Believers here face some challenges that are unique to this environment. There is a significant groundswell of social pressure to follow Islam. Choosing to go against that tide, and follow Jesus, can lead to different kinds of social exclusion, from families and the authorities. Although these challenges are part of the reality of life here, they are not what defines the community of believers here. The Church here is resilient, full of joy and grace. There are many unsung heroes of the faith, who faithfully live as disciples of Jesus in this city.

“Please pray for encouragement for the local church in this city. Pray that the body of believers here may be unified and full of joy and grace. Pray for blessing and favour for those who call on the name of the Lord. May they find refreshment.”

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