Ukraine Independence Day

Ukraine Independence Day

A special prayer update to mark independence day and six months of the invasion.

Photo: Alison Giblett clearing rubble

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Today is Ukraine Independence Day and the atmosphere is tense, with many fearing that Russia will be especially hostile. Please continue to pray for an end to violence and for true and lasting peace to prevail.

Our people in mission in Ukraine see themselves as “ruin restorers” and this has been a particularly literal description of their actions this week, as they work together to clear a large underground room so it can be used as a school bomb shelter. All schools are required to have bomb shelters starting 1 September. It’s wearying work, as you can see:

The sudden violence in Ukraine has been especially traumatising to children, so our people in mission have also been running short children’s camps to bring them a bit of fun and joy. Boys and girls who have come to the camps have been sharing their memories and gratitude with the team.

The Genesis ministry, which helps people who struggle with addiction, continues with new groups starting and new leaders being trained.

Our mission partner Alison’s flat is still uninhabitable after being severely damaged in an electrical fire. Repair work is happening slowly as there are so many pressing needs.

On this independence day, please pray for safety and stamina for Alison, Valery and Anya and all people caught up in this violent conflict. Today marks six months since the Russian invasion of the country and so much has been lost and destroyed. Lord, have mercy, as our people work for peace and restoration. 

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