Ukraine: ongoing war

Ukraine: ongoing war

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We are approaching the two year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our partners in Ukraine are very grateful for everyone’s prayers over the past two years and ask us to keep praying, particularly now.

Local partner Valery Alymov, pastor of the Tabernacle of the Living God church (TLG) has just returned from the front lines and reports that Ukraine’s soldiers are physically and emotionally exhausted. Pray for those involved in TLG’s chaplaincy ministry (including Valery, a qualified psychologist and military man himself); for them to be supernaturally empowered to encourage and support soldiers who are often seriously wounded and broken in spirit. Pray for Valery as he balances leading TLG with spending more time with soldiers at the request of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence; pray for wisdom in prioritising and to know when to rest.

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