Ukraine: restoring the broken-hearted

Ukraine: restoring the broken-hearted

After a recent visit to villages on the outskirts of Kyiv, our people in mission have decided to return to an area west of the city to begin ministering among people who are traumatised and coming to grips with massive loss. They will be staying in flats owned by a local children’s home – all the children have been taken to Europe for safety for now.

Mission partner Alison Giblett writes: “I feel peace about our decision to go and minister in the war-torn areas….This is closely tied to the overall calling God has given me: to restore the broken-hearted and to set captives free.”

Alison and some other members of her church have taken part in a seminar, learning how to minister to people affected by war. They plan to continue to offer prayer ministry, to share the love of Jesus with people and to serve in practical ways such as providing food, clothing and reconstruction. A bus and tent are being purchased for these purposes. Pray for unity, grace, strength and for the team to not be overwhelmed by the enormity of need, but to do the work God is guiding them to do. Please also pray for areas still awash in intense violence: for an end to fighting. Pray for the provision and just distribution of food and fuel, as costs continue to rise. And our people in mission also remind us to pray that people in the Russian army will be touched by God’s grace, that God will be working in the hearts of all people and bring about peace.

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