Ukraine update 11 March

Ukraine update 11 March

We have received bits and pieces of communication from our people in mission in Ukraine, who are continuing to stay together with about 35 members of their church.

They write: “We have already lived through two weeks of the war. Of course, we hoped that it would finish very quickly, but it is still continuing. … Many cities have been destroyed. The Russian army are not only attacking bread and medical factories, but directly attacking accommodation blocks and hospitals.

“Naturally, this creates huge humanitarian needs. Many people are fleeing from the main cities due to the danger of their situation.”

Their days are currently spent praying for both Ukrainian and Russian people. As one of them says, “In accordance with Scripture we have also been praying for Russia. That God will bless her with the truth that sets us free. Sadly [many] people have been deceived into believing that Ukraine is controlled by Neo-Nazis so therefore needs saving….”

They have also told us that they continue to provide practical help where they can: assisting others to safely leave Kyiv and surrounding areas, locating and sharing food and medicine, making plans for further refugee assistance.

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