Ukraine update 2 March

Ukraine update 2 March

We have just heard from a fellow pastor of the church our people in mission are part of: “The team are fine. They have no electricity, gas or mobile communication. Around there are battles but God protects them. Continue to pray hard for them.”

Latest prayer news

  • Ukraine: offering aid

    Please continue to pray for Alison Giblett and local partners Valery Alymov and Anya Manchuliak and their church in Kyiv. They are reaching out with aid and encouragement to areas in the east and south that have been liberated from Russia. This is difficult, demanding and potentially dangerous work: pray for safety and stamina, for […]

  • Bolivia: general strike ended

    Praise God that the general strike across Santa Cruz, Bolivia has finally ended and people are now able to return to normal life, including CMS’s people in mission in the city, the Peart family and local partner Franklin Cuenca. An agreement between the national government and regional leaders has resulted in a law which has […]

  • Bolivia: wildfires

    Also in Bolivia, wildfires are causing heavy smoke around Tarija where local partner Bishop Walter Toro lives. Residents have been advised to remain indoors due to very poor air quality and flights to the city have been cancelled. Please pray for an end to the fires.

  • Brazil: landslides

    In southern Brazil, heavy rains are causing landslides, with one landslide leading to at least two deaths and leaving many more missing. Please pray for safety for people in the affected areas.

  • Nepal: local partners and Nepal gathering

    Give thanks for the Nepal gathering that took place this last weekend. It was a great time of prayer and building connections. Do pray for the continued work of the group and its vision. Pray, too, for our local partners in Nepal, especially for their health and for them to remain steadfast. One local partner’s daughter has two […]

  • Nepal: palliative care

    Please pray for the Sunita Project (palliative care) that mission associate Dan Munday is involved in, as it’s meeting a real need.