Ukraine update 26 July 2022

Ukraine update 26 July 2022

We have heard recently from Alison, Valery and Anya, our people in mission in Ukraine, who have been working tirelessly, loving their neighbours during precarious times.

The church that Valery leads has been serving in the Kyiv region, in villages that have suffered from Russian aggression. They are involved in humanitarian aid, spiritual and emotional support for people, and sometimes physical rebuilding.

They are also developing chaplaincy ministry to soldiers. There are eight chaplains at the moment, some already trained, some in training. The ministry involves trips to military bases, with food and other basic items for living, to give moral and spiritual support, a lot of listening to the troops and the concerns of their hearts. They are very tired. Artillery fire from the Russian side is constant and it is hard to keep on resisting (and to sleep).

The church is meeting in a new building. Valery is hugely grateful to God for the opportunities this gives. At the moment the church are the only users of the building so they can gather for prayer any time. The building is nearly 100 years old and used to be a studio that produced Soviet films. In the past week the church has held three children’s camps and these have been received very positively.

Fear of attacks remains. Valery and Alison have said that there is much talk that Russia will resume attacks on Kyiv and other cities away from frontlines. It is vital that we continue to pray for an end to violence.

Alison, who had to leave the country briefly, said that when she returned to Ukraine, there was a 25km tailback of trucks carrying grain at the border. The market price of grain has gone extremely high. Pray that exports by sea will resume safely and soon as so much of the world depends on grain from Ukraine.

Valery, Alison and Anya are so thankful for everyone who is praying for them as they minister to people on the edges, and for Ukraine. You may have read in a previous update that Alison’s flat was severely damaged in a recent fire – pray that progress will be made towards restoring her home.

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