Video: Jay Mātenga interview

Video: Jay Mātenga talks Indigenous experience, theology and mission

Jay Mātenga shares his personal backstory as well as the richness that comes from Indigenous perspectives on faith.

Jay is the guest editor of the latest issue of Anvil journal of theology and mission: ‘The emancipation of Indigenous theologies in light of the rise of World Christianity’.

In this interview, Jay highlights some of the themes of the issue.

You can also listen to a longer, audio interview below, as Dr Cathy Ross, leader of CMS Pioneer Mission Training Oxford, asks Jay about some transforming moments in his life and his take on Indigenous thought and the study of World Christianity.

Jay Mātenga is the director of World Evangelical Alliance’s Global Witness department and executive director of the WEA’s Mission Commission, which sits within the Global Witness department. He also leads Missions Interlink in Aotearoa New Zealand, a missions association, equivalent to the UK’s Global Connections. Jay is a graduate of All Nations Christian College’s MA programme and has a doctorate of Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. You can read more from Jay at his website:

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