Forest Church

Paul Cudby is reframing Christian community with The Arden Forest Church to model a new style of leadership and recognise people’s spiritual connection to nature.

Being among people as ourselves

Emma Moreton reflects on decades of life spent bridging the gulf between “religious” and “spiritual” and one astonishing event at Stonehenge.

Perspectives from Glastonbury

Diana Greenfield, ordained pioneer in Glastonbury, shares stories from her role as ordained pioneer in Glastonbury including people’s interest in “Christ consciousness”.

Engaging in mission with the “spiritual not religious”

Ian Mobsby on the importance of the experiential for the SNR, which he roots in Trinitarian and Incarnational theology, and shares his experience of spirituality dialogue groups.

Trapped between the spiritual and the religious

Pastor Phil Wyman from Salem, Massachusetts, highlights the tension that exists between the old sensibilities and new ways of thinking and being.

Editorial: Spiritual not religious

Guest editor Andrea Campanale introduces this issue, sharing the learning and experience of enabling encounters with the divine for people who identify as "spiritual, not religious".

Book reviews [Anvil vol 34 issue 1]

Reviewed this time, new books on mission, theology, biblical studies and art

Video: Mission is… with Mike Pears

Mike Pears, director of Urban Life, on mission as creativity and "mission and place".

Video: Mission is… with Kyama Mugambi

Kyama Mugambi discusses his definition of mission and the differences between African and British Christianity.

Video: Mission is… with Ann Morisy

Ann Morisy, writer and community theologian, discusses Jesus the man and the role of the connector in a community

Our Hammyhill

How a local community have been participating in transformation with God and with their locale

Pioneering Mission is…a spectrum

Mapping the spectrum of pioneer ministry