Video: Mission is… with Mike Pears

Mike Pears, director of Urban Life, on mission as creativity and "mission and place".

Video: Mission is… with Kyama Mugambi

Kyama Mugambi discusses his definition of mission and the differences between African and British Christianity.

Video: Mission is… with Ann Morisy

Ann Morisy, writer and community theologian, discusses Jesus the man and the role of the connector in a community

Pioneering Mission is…a spectrum

Mapping the spectrum of pioneer ministry

Our Hammyhill

How a local community have been participating in transformation with God and with their locale

Mission Is… Good Question

We discuss some of the findings of CMS's 2017 Mission Is survey

Lament and Hope

Exploring how lament can address injustice and offer new hope

Mission is not Western

Kenyan perspectives on identity, church planting, social transformation, and bold mission initiatives

Mission and place

The significance of place and geography in mission in a world where many feel displaced, dislocated and precarious.

Editorial: Mission is…

Mission is a way of framing: a lens to think about and practise what it means to follow Jesus in today’s world.

Prayer and mission: entering into the ways of God

Adrian Chatfield draws on ancient traditions and mysticism to consider the relationship between prayer and mission.