“Living alongside people”

Care and conversation shape learning together - an interview with "Sarah"

Learning and unlearning in the messiness of life

How informal learning takes place in the "crunchy" times - an interview with "Eleanor"

Life-learning of faith

“…life is wrapped around it somehow.” Reflections from a conversation with “Liz”

The challenges of learning through relationships

Delyth Davies writes about the experience of the research in Wales and reflects on how people learn

“Does not wisdom call?”: faith learning in practice

Seeking wisdom is at the heart of grassroots learning, say Stan Brown, Graham Jones and Sue Miller

Challenging, noticing and nurturing

James Butler explores insights that put the Spirit’s work and everyday life at the centre of learning and discipleship.

“Looking out for the small things”

Clare Watkins highlights the many ways in which rural churches, though small and fragile, have much to offer.

Researching the grassroots experience of faith learning

James Butler gives the context for this issue, introducing theological action research and what went into this research project.

Editorial: learning faith

James Butler introduces the main themes of this issue of Anvil journal.

Book review: Young, Woke and Christian

Vicki Gale both loves and hates a book that demands a response

Book review: Using a Missional Framework

Katrina Hutchins on a perfect source of missional inspiration as we seek to reimagine and re-energise our post-pandemic priorities

Book review: Trust in Theological Education

Sue Hart celebrates Eve Parker’s ground-breaking book, which dissects theological education with a decolonising eye