Book review: Interpreting the Old Testament after Christendom

A tough read, but worth it for an approach to authentic and responsible use of the Hebrew Bible, says Miles Hopgood.

Book review: The Gospel of John

Howard Bigg recommends an imaginative resource, opening up new ways of understanding and applying this wonderful Gospel.

Book review: Global Migration & Christian Faith

Joseph Ola on an attempt to use the Bible, theology and church history to shape a missional response to the global migration and refugee crises.

Book review: Freedom: Christian and Muslim Perspectives

Tom Wilson reviews the proceedings of the 18th annual Building Bridges Seminar of Muslim and Christian scholars.

Book review: First Expressions

James Butler assesses an important contribution to the conversation around Fresh Expressions and new forms of church.

Book review: Doing Theology in the New Normal

This book is a manifesto of hope from within the darkest moments of recent history, says John Wheatley.

Book review: Church Planters

Kate Seagrave discovers a valuable additional perspective that deserves hearing and engagement from those who are planting new churches.

Book review: Joe M Easterling, Big Things Start Small

Simon Baigent reads a new attempt to document the relationship between small group gatherings and times of revival.

Book review: Being Missional, Becoming Missional

If you want to gain an understanding of the church’s calling to be a people on mission, this is a book for you, says Rosie Hopley.

Book review: Ancestral Feeling

Philip Lockley reviews a profoundly stimulating and personal book on the faith heritage received through colonial missionary movements.

Video: Grounded in not knowing

Mining ancient apophatic traditions, finding energy and wisdom for pioneering sacred terrain.

Video: Sustainable communities

Alison Webster on cultivating and nurturing habits to challenge power and change the world